Kim Dao Goes To Work And Then Opens Fanmail!

So many of Kim Dao’s vlogs are filled with exciting travel adventures. It can be easy for viewers to forget that Kim Dao actually does have a day job. In one video called “Work, Sushi & Fanmail Opening! Vlogmas #5 | KimDao” Kim Dao doesn’t show us much of Japan, but she does open some fan mail from around the world.Learn more :


At the start of the video, Kim Dao is frantically getting ready for work. Kim says that she won’t show much of her workplace, but she will try to vlog a bit on her break. She promises to read fan mail at the end of the day.Learn more :


In the next shot, Kim Dao shows her yummy lunch. She is eating green curry and chicken.


Once Kim has finished with work, she tells us that she plans to go out for dinner with Bronwyn. They decide to go to Kappa Sushi in Tokyo. Kim Dao orders corn and egg sushi rolls with green tea. She also gets some fries and vanilla ice cream for dessert.Learn more :


When Kim Dao gets back home she starts to open her fanmail. First, she opens a huge box from a Taiwanese company. Inside she finds all kinds of bags that have her name printed on them.Learn more :


Next, Kim Dao opens a gift from a fellow YouTuber named Anna. Anna sent Kim Dao a collection of European teas she wants Kim to review on her channel.


Another box sent to Kim Dao is from the Happy Supply Co. in the USA. Kim gets a bunch of pins and even a few temporary Harry Potter tattoos.