TeenSafe: Eliminating the Nightmare of Social Media Insecurity for Kids

Parents for parents have created TeenSafe. It provides a platform for the security of kids in families. In recent news, TeenSafe has featured in The Guardian. TeenSafe is an app and a service of its kind. It featured in news on how to control the child on the use of social media. It was after a note written by a concerned mother of a teenage son aged 14. She had been blocked from accessing his online accounts leave alone Gmail and Instagram. A few highlights that TeenSafe brings out are as follows.


There is no age restriction or rather limitations when it comes to registering a new social media account. It is possible to set up some fake accounts. Most of the social media apps require a minimum age of thirteen however even younger kids become victims because the restrictions are never serious. Some of the vices that come up are bullying, sexting, harassment, and in bigger extents the adult predators. Another concern of the owner of the phone. The control of a device solely depends on the real owner of the device. The reason behind installing the apps like TeenSafe is that in case of anything happening towards the teenager, both parties will be legally responsible. In most cases, the parents are the ones who buy the devices and actually pay for the connections in homes, but that does not guarantee them the control over the devices. That is why some may lack the parental mandate over the phones. The good news is that TeenSafe app can be installed before the new device is handed to them.


Above everything, according to TeenSafe, it is safer to create awareness for your kids on the matters of online safety on a regular basis. A parent needs to learn how to use the TeenSafe app. This will enable them to teach the children on how to access internet without becoming victims of the mentioned vices in the online world. TeenSafe is a valuable service meant for the safety of the teenagers. It helps the parents create the right environment for their children without falling into the hands of the prey in the online sector.