Roberto Santiago Changes the Shopping Experience in Brazil

Roberto Santiago has proven one thing: when it comes to enjoyment, he knows how to get customers interested in what he is doing. He has created a very enjoyable experience for shoppers with the Manaira Mall that has an amusement park and a plethora of stores for shopping. This has become one of the most intriguing commercial real estate centers for people that are interested in experiencing shopping like they never have before.

Roberto Santiago wanted to create an experience where people will be able to go and view their favorite movies and go to their favorite clothing stores all under the same roof. He wanted people to be able to engage with one another in places like the Space Lounge or the bowling alley without having to ever leave the location they were in. Friends that come to this mall have the opportunity to have fun and get involved in multiple recreational activities without riding all over Brazil in search of something to do. Read more on

Roberto Santiago has become a real estate giant in Brazil because he created this mega mall in 1989 and he continued to be innovative with malls in other states. He has been able to maximize his return on investment in Brazil and he has also been able to give Brazilian natives a wonderful shopping experience in doing this.

Many people may say that Roberto Santiago got lucky when he came up on this type of real estate investment, but the reality is that much of this was his own vision. He had to discipline himself and work hard to develop a massive mall of this size. He had to get franchise businesses to believe in the potential for this massive mall in order to fill the space with vendors that we’re going to be popular with Brazilian Natives and tourists.

Some people may wonder if Roberto Santiago knew what he was doing when he started his first mega mall, but the answer to this would clearly be no. A mall of this size had never been created in Brazil before, and a lot of what Santiago was doing was trial and error. He wanted to create the best shopping experience for consumers, but he had to do the research and take time to explore. He wanted to get a feel for what customers were interested in, and he wanted to make sure that he created an experience that would be a memorable one. Tourists that consider this as a place that they would like to shop or instantly thrilled by the number of options that they have for all the different items that they may purchase. Other consumers that shop here or pleased with delectable food choices.

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Roberto Santiago is adding great accomplishments to this resume. He created a commercial center with abundant stores that are all under one roof to give shoppers an out-of-this-world type of experience when they visit the Manaira mall. It’s considered the best of what Brazil has to offer.

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