NGP VAN Services Provided To The Democratic Party Political Agenda

NGP VAN, Inc. is a privately-owned service platform that is used by the Democratic Party and its authorized organizations for social and political fundraising campaigns. It is also involved in campaign finance compliance procedures and tracking, organizing field events and digital organization of voter events. NGP VAN, formerly known as Voter Activation Network, maintains a database and is a web hosting service provider for the party and its campaigns. Based in Washington, District of Columbia, the organization is familiar with many wishing to get involved with Democratic Party functions and active election events.


NGP VAn works with political organizers to help them gain social access to voters helping them set the overall tone they wish to convey. They help them decide how they want to present their message, whether it be comical, serious, to simply present the news or addressing specific concerns they feel are important for Democratic Party voters. NGP VAN works with group leaders to teach them how to gather and analyze data for their social campaigns to determine how their audience is reacting and the effectiveness of the campaigns to reach people.


NGP VAN aids various campaigns in organizing phone campaigns, including gathering phone workers and using robocall technologies to organize workers, inform voters of rallies and town meetings or to quickly put out recent news notifications. NGP VAN helps set up phone surveys to track current opinion or to gather information that may be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of various campaign methods and platforms. Additionally, at a very reasonable cost to campaigners, NGP VAN can provide a Live Call service to reach voters. All of these services help to keep all political efforts compliant with laws in effect.

Direct mail and email efforts are also important to the election process and fundraising. NGP VAN has many available resources for these methods of reaching voters, using politically compliant methods. They teach campaigns how to effectively and cost-efficiently reach supporters and influence voters. This and all services are available for not only presidential and congressional levels but also to town council and school board political campaigns.


In addition, NGP VAN helps to develop the election finance committee to effectively raise the funds needed in short amounts of time. Provided is information on the various fundraising methods at their disposal to reach the goals they have set. These include mail, luncheons or dinners, phone calls, and direct contact. In short, NGP VAN will not leave anyone on their own who desires to become involved in the election process.


Dick Devos: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Most people don’t realize that Dick Devos is a pilot. The major business mogul and former Amway CEO has recently come out of retirement to work with politicians in Washington as well. That’s not hard to do seeing as his wife is the new US Education Secretary. Betsy Devos was appointed in 2016, and her husband has now followed suit, joining up with the FAA.


The Federal Aviation Administration has been working hard to improve the aviation markets in America. With new regulations and policies, as well as new considerations for technology, the air industry is finally moving forward in America. However, that comes after months of the FAA meeting with its Management Advisory Council. Set up in 2017, the FAA has been working with members like Dick Devos to resolve policies, regulations, budgets, and future ideas for growth.


Devos has been in aviation for quite some time before this moment, but you probably never knew. He has worked with the CEO of Southwest, as well as the CEO of Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He has always been a business leader in his hometown of Grand Rapids. His work with the airport came after months of working with the CEO, trying to help the airport expand into new markets.


It started in 2000 when he called up the Air Tran Airways CEO and asked if he would open up new terminals at the Grand Rapids airport. Air Tran agreed, and pretty soon, all new terminals became available for travel in early 2010s. The new flights brought in increased sales and led to bigger ideas about expanding the airport even further.


Southwest CEO worked with Devos during the takeover of Air Tran Airways as well. Devos convinced the CEO to keep the remaining terminals at the new locations as he was afraid that the airline would close the terminals as they had in other cities. However, the CEO kept the locations open at Grand Rapids, allowing for even more growth in international business travel.


The Grand Rapids airport is now well known for its international travel offers. You can also expect to see a new business traveler center, food court area, and new digital technology in terminals thanks to efforts from Devos to raise $45 million for the renovation of the airport.


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Betsy DeVos a political fighter and education reformist

Betsy Devos has been in the limelight when it comes to education reforms and policies. Recently a federal policy was passed that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms at school that was compatible with their identities. Betsy DeVos was not on the same page with President Donald Trump on this. Furthermore, she did not make it so evident that she had resisted this move and was present during the announcement of the new policy. Speaking at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, she stated that the systems previously in place only adds to the long list of former President Obama’s administration overreach. However most of the people who know Ms. DeVos will tell you that this was not over yet, not by a long shot. She has been a champion not only for charter schools but also school vouchers for an extended period. Also, she is the former chairwoman of Michigan Republican Party. She has made a reputation for herself as being unstoppable in getting what she wants. She would use everything at her disposal including her family resources. Her allies were rewarded, and her enemies were punished, she passed bills and made sure the lawmakers that opposed her were unseated. Mike Cox who is a former attorney general stated that Betsy DeVos is determined once her mind is set on a goal. She was one to be feared in Michigan politics. The issue of the access of bathrooms by transgender students got her at a disadvantage given she was up against attorney general Jeff Sessions. He has a lot of ties and networks in Washington and has the President’s ear. All those watching, however, know she will eventually find her ways, she always does. Randi Weingarten who is a strong supporter of Democrats and the president of the American Federation of Teachers states that it would be unwise to underestimate her. Betsy DeVos often worked at her father’s auto parts company. Edgar D. Prince, Betsy DeVos’s father, is also a significant supporter of Christian conservative causes. Erik D. Prince is her brother, and he is the founder and chief executive of Blackwater. Blackwater is a privately owned security firm operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dick DeVos is her husband and comes from a wealthy background. Many have noted that Betsy DeVos lacks the personal experience of public schools and colleges. Opponents state that neither she nor her husband and children ever attended public school. She is responsible for the diversion of tax dollars from traditional public schools to charter schools. The charter schools depend on federal money, but they are managed by private groups. Also, Ms. DeVos attempted to find public funds for vouchers that will be used to pay for tuition at private schools which included religious schools. Critics state that the charter schools only undermine traditional public schools while the admirers say that the charter schools bring competition to public schools and enables children from poor backgrounds to access better education. Detroit has a vast number of charter schools which are not performing well, and the supply is more than the demand. The whole situation has been termed as chaotic, the status of public schools in Detroit have been deteriorating. Owing to this situation, Detroit officials made a move to close failing charter schools and permit new ones. They were in for a shock as Ms. DeVos formed a group called Great Lakes Education Project that fought against the reforms and won. Besty DeVos is of the opinion that public schools should entirely be done away with. She visited a public school in Washington, and she noted that teachers did not take the initiative but rather were waiting to be told what should be one. Greg McNeilly operates in Michigan and is a strong supporter of Republicans stated that Ms. DeVos understood what many did not-that the public schools are not performing as well as other public schools in developed countries as measured by student scores. Although she has had a rocky start with a lot of public ridicule and criticism, she has remained undeterred from her course. Ms. DeVos was confirmed by the Senate 51-50 where Vice President Mike Pence cast his vote to break the tie. She called the leaders of the two principal teacher’s union Ms. Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia. According to Mr. McNeilly, this was a smart move as it was the first act she did in office as the secretary.


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Dick DeVos And The Steady Rise Of Michigan

For decades, Dick DeVos has been hard at work putting the right pieces together for his hometown. Even back in 1991, DeVos was molding the future of Grand Rapids, Michigan. At the time, plans were underway to build a sports and convention arena north of downtown. DeVos lobbied against the plan due to fear of past consequences. In Detroit, the Pontiac Silverdome served as the home of the Detroit Lions. The Palace of Auburn Hills hosted home games for the Detroit Pistons. When both teams decided to go with new stadiums, the older venues became less appealing and generated significantly less money.


Through his lobbying, the Grand Action group was formed. The group pushed forward on construction of Van Andel Arena. They also played a crucial role in the construction of the DeVos Convention Center as well as the DeVos Performance Hall. The Grand Rapids City Market was also formed along with the Michigan State University’s medical school.


Back in Sept. 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao announced that DeVos is one of seven new members of the top civilian panel, which oversees the Federal Aviation Administration. DeVos’ experience and track record earned him the honor.


In 1993, DeVos became the CEO of Amway. His father, Richard DeVos founded the company along with the late Jay Van Andel. Dick DeVos held the position until 2002. At the time of his departure, sales of the company increased by 50 percent.


DeVos’ dedication to the state of Michigan also reaches schools. In 2010, DeVos started a public charter school after some positive words from his wife Betsy DeVos. It’s called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school didn’t have an ideal start. At first, it was located inside a small office space at General R. Ford International Airport. There were just 80 students.


Now, the West Michigan Aviation Academy has its own building with 600 students. The students come from seven countries. Throughout 2014, Dick and Betsy put $7 million into the school. As is the case with other Michigan charter schools or even traditional public schools, the West Michigan Aviation Academy is tuition-free. Learn more:

End Citizens United Ready’s itself to the Mid-term Polls

For a significant period now, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been opposed to the Supreme Court’s decision regarding End Citizens. She has worked hard in the attempt to reform the broken campaign finance systems. The End Citizens United endorsed her candidature since Elizabeth has consistently voiced against the influence brought in politics by money. She is at the lead in the fight for financial reforms in politics. The president of End Citizens Tiffany Muller described Elizabeth Warren as an individual who has dedicated her career to standing up for the American workers. Every working family shut out of the American Democracy has recognized her as their hero.


For her candidature in the 2018 elections, End Citizens United intends to connect her with the 100,000 members based in Massachusetts and at the same time activate it’s more than 360, 000 grassroots donors to see to it that she gets relevant recourses to triumph. The grassroots organization is projected to raise about $35 million for the election. The preparations are aimed at showing the support of End Citizen United.


End Citizens United is a committee that focuses on doing away with large money in politics. In the very first three months of this year, the organization had collected over $4 million and aim at raising 35 million before the midterm elections for Congress scheduled for 2018. The amount is quite a surge given that in 2016 the action committee raised about $25 million. Approximately 100,000 people raised the $4 million. Of these people, 40,000 were first time givers. Tiffany Muller, the executive director of the organization, says that the primary objective of the group is to elect candidates who champion for the financial reforms in campaigns.


According to Muller, the Democrats are furious about the win of President Trump and is seemingly ready to fight against both his agendas and nominees. The political action committee was able to urge contributors to support the Democrat first time political candidate in Georgia known as Jon Ossoff. Ossoff who is 30 surprised End Citizens United by raising over $4 million for the special election aimed at filling a Republican House seat in Suburban Atlanta.


The name of the organization was derived from the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizen United decision that paved the way for corporate donations to candidates. It also helped in the launch of PACs that can raise and spend any amount. End Citizens United is a traditional PAC. It does not whatsoever accept donations that are over $5,000 from a single donor. Despite this cap, the organizations fundraising conducted in 2016 ranked it top on the list of groups that are associated with the Democratic Party. The aggressive fundraising of this organization was noted by some campaign watchdogs who emphasize grassroots activism over the collection of political cash.