OSI Food Solutions Company, the World Leader in Providing Quality Products

The OSI group is an American privately-owned company, which involves meat processing that provides services in the retailing and food services industries. Most of the nations around the globe claim that the OSI Food solutions are their main global food provider due to their dedication to satisfying their customers’ needs and desires. The improvement in infrastructure and the accumulation of large resources has enabled OSI company to offer comprehensive ability to produce and distribute food solutions all over the world. Some of the amazing services that the company offers are effective to supply chain knowledge, quality assurance and custom food solutions among other services.

OSI Food Solutions Double Chicken Capacity

OSI Food Solutions produces more than 45000 tons of beef, and chicken products due to the latest expansion of the company. The recent investment that the company made was completed and has led to the rise in production capacity of processed chicken products from approximately 12000 tons to 24000 yearly. It is so amazing how the expansion will add about 20 new jobs to the normal existing workforce of about 140 people. The demand for chicken products has been increasing in the past few years, and this is what led to the expansion of the plant.

OSI Food Solutions UK Award 2026 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council

The OSI food solutions have been awarded a great award of honor from the British Safety council due to their tireless effort in managing risks associated with the environment. The award is normally presented to organizations, which have worked hard in managing their environment. Competition for the Globe of honor required the organization to achieve the status of five stars in the British Safety council environmental management audit scheme in the period August 2015-July 2016. Another requirement is that an organization should ensure that it has demonstrated substantial effort in the management of the environment in the course of undertaking their businesses.

OSI Food Solutions Career and Employment

The main goal in OSI Food solutions is the success of the company, and the success of any company comes from the productivity of the human resource of the company. Therefore, the company strives to offer and create a conducive environment and provide them with the necessary reward to stimulate them to work better. Working in OSI Food solutions requires a person who excellent in creativity and innovation and a person who believes that every person can bring a difference in raising the productivity of the company.

Betsy DeVos – Performance in Education Segment

She is one of the most successful ladies in the country at the moment. She has been participating in a broad range of activities. Over the years she has served the government in a good number of positions. Apart from being a well-known politician, she has also been performing well in the corporate world. She started her political career in her tertiary level. Over the years she has been able to learn a lot about the local people and how best she can support her community.

Learn more: https://www2.ed.gov/news/staff/bios/devos.html?src=hp

Besty DeVos was appointed as the 11th United States secretary of education. While in office Betsy Devos will make major changes in the education system which lead to the provision of better education in the country. The policies are meant to provide a more conducive environment in which students can easily get the level of education they need. Most of the things being taught at the moment in a wide range of schools are out dated and thus do not reflect the modern society. Due to that, there must be major changes in the segment so as to prepare the next generation for our future. With the experience and skills being possessed by Devos the all process will be made easy and efficient at the same time. Schools which do not meet the standards put in place by the government will be refurbished.

Just like any other mothers Besty love kids so much. When she was taking her kids to school, she realized that some of the parents were not in a position of affording high-quality education system. After that, she started her philanthropic journey to support people who were not well off. She knew that this was the only way she could do away with the vicious circle of poverty.

In the beginning, she started with a small number of kids. So as to come up with the most suitable students to support she considered their background and also their performance over the years. By doing that she was in a better state of coming up with the right students to support.

The number of students being supported by her organization has been growing a lot over the years. With the help of well-wishers, the number of people getting a free education with the help of Betsy is growing a lot. Her husband has also been very supporting in the entire journey. Apart from supporting the entire process financially, he has also been offering guidance and support to her. Read more articles at MLive about Betsy.

She has also been a mentor to a wide range of students in the region. Many young girls are now looking up to her due to the good track record she has been able to create in her career.

George Soros: Investor Extraordinaire

What would you say of a man, who as a teenage Hungarian Jew escaped internment and possible death in a Nazi concentration camp, fled to England where he studied philosophy at the London School of Economics, while working as a waiter and night porter and eventually became the billionaire investor-philanthropist with a personal net worth of $25.2 billion dollars? Extraordinary doesn’t even begin to describe the many facets of this extraordinary 87-year-old Hungarian émigré, who made it big on Wall Street.

His greatest moment came in 1992 when he took a call on the British pound by shorting it and in the process made a huge profit. At the time he became known worldwide as the man who broke the Bank of England. He continues to be a name to reckon with, in the investment world with his Soros Fund Management possessing tens of billions of dollars in assets.

Aside from his business success, George Soros is a passionate supporter of worthy causes across the globe as well as a committed philanthropist, having donated as much as $12 billion down the years. Through his Open Society Foundations, he has worked for the betterment of society in over a hundred countries. His philanthropy has spanned nations, eras and ideologies. Starting in the year 1979 with scholarships for black South African students during the apartheid era, it included providing photocopiers to reprint reading material for dissidents in communist East Germany and helping open up the Eastern Block to the Western World.

He has been at the forefront of criticizing the war on drugs, backing the use of medical marijuana and supporting the cause of same-sex marriage. That apart he has helped lawyers and paralegals come to the rescue of thousands of unlawfully incarcerated people around the world. Though in his eighties Soros is just as passionately involved in the causes dear to him today, traveling the world to meet with world leaders and sharing his views about what needs to be done.

Of him, you could truly say that he is an enigma, but in a positive way. His experience of life has led him to believe that nothing unites mankind more than humanity itself- not religion, economic beliefs, a way of living or sexual orientation. The times have a funny way of swinging between liberalism to conservatism, but people like Soros stand firm like the rock of Gibraltar holding on to their precious beliefs about personal freedom and the brotherhood of man. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

There would scarcely be a man alive today, who has that breadth of experience and insight as Soros and if not as any people as there should, seek his advice on matters of importance the world is poorer for it. In today’s digital times where virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics are fast transforming the world into a Matrix-like super state where everything is inter-connected and regulated people like Soros are our link to a time, when real flesh and blood people made their fortune using their hands and heads and not with the help of some number crunching machines.

As for Soros himself, he soldiers on, steadfast in his beliefs and conviction, fully committed to the advancement of his ideals-a just and a compassionate world where everyone has the space to live life the way they want to, and not what someone else has in mind for them. He can do so because he has walked his talk. Always.

Learn more: http://www.biography.com/people/george-soros-20926527

Recap-George Soros’ is an extraordinary story of the meteoric rise of a Hungarian Jewish émigré in the financial markets of the world and his equally remarkable commitment to philanthropy. From escaping internment in a Nazi concentration camp and studying at the famed London School of Economics to his rise on the New York Stock Exchange and his prescient shorting of the British pound in 1992 that made him a billionaire, his is one heck of a tail. Equally remarkable is his liberal philosophy of life and his putting his money where his mouth is by donating $12 billion of his own money to worthy causes over the years. Truly a man to emulate.

Read more about George at The New York Times.

Dick DeVos Talks On His Philanthropy

Richard Marvin DeVos Jr, who commonly goes by the name Dick DeVos is a prominent American businessman. He might be more popular, coming from one of the wealthiest families in the US, but this popularity is nothing compared to that obtained through his philanthropic acts. DeVos and his family have established a foundation that concentrates on giving back to the society. Over his lifetime, he and his family have donated over $113 million.


Two years ago Dick DeVos and his family donated a whopping $11.3 million without even blinking. Their priority that year was improving the education system in America. So, almost 30% of the donations that year went towards education. The DeVos family has for a long time been advocating for charter schools instead of public schools. They are also for school vouchers to sponsor students from low-income families to attend private schools. They reason that one cannot fit all. But time and again they have clarified that they do not mean the employees of the public schools are not doing their jobs well. In fact, they have commended them for their hard work. However, they insist that the system should change if these hardworking administrators and teachers are to do their jobs effectively.


The DeVos family publicize their donations so that they can increase transparency in their foundation. DeVos commented on the issue saying that the family foundation donated in bulk so that the money would serve the people directly. He also added that even the political donations did not go towards pushing any agenda. Rather, they are hoping that money can serve people in their shortcomings.


The DeVos family started the first aviation charter school. He was very proud of his impact in the community, not only about the donations to the school, which includes yearly monetary donations and the donations of the school’s first airplane. Rather, it is about their influence which gets donations coming through and even the ability to bring the most influential guest speakers.


About Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is a 61 year-old American businessman, entrepreneur, family man and philanthropist. He is the eldest son of Amway’s co-founder Richard Marvin DeVos Snr. Since an early age, he was always involved in the family business, whose operations were run in their basement. But it was in the year 1974 that he began officially working for Amway. For the next ten years, he was in the marketing R&D, finance, manufacturing and sales.


After a decade, he was promoted to be one of the VPs. He was then in charge of the company’s operations in over 18 countries. Other than Amway, DeVos has also worked for Orlando Magic and the Windquest Group.