Marathon Pharmaceuticals Spares Nothing to Win the War over Rare Diseases

Nobody likes medicine, not with the sour taste, disturbing smell and doctors insisting that you have to finish your prescription, especially when you feel like you have had enough. Then suppose you have an illness with mouthful names like polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis and catastrophic pediatric epilepsy and the names are enough to scare you into taking your pills diligently. It is pharmaceutical companies like Marathon, which ensure that the right drugs are in circulation for a healthier nation. Marathon, not only manufactures the drugs but also carries out extensive research in their field of expertise, neurological science, and movement disorders.


Why Marathon Deserves Recognition


Patients fit into two categories, general illness patients and those with diseases little heard of because they are rare. The latter patients are who Marathon Pharmaceuticals are fighting daily battles to save. Widespread illness patients have a variety of drugs at their disposal, and they are at liberty to choose what works for them because their illnesses are understood and treatable. Patients with rare disorders, however, do not reserve that ‘luxury.’ Most times, they are at the mercy of trial drugs, and some go to the extent of accepting to become guinea pigs all in the desperation to get well soon.


Marathon understands this struggles all to well and may explain the reason they chose the less trodden path. They spend every waking day on researching the rare conditions hoping for a breakthrough. They then develop the medicine as per research and regulations protocol, manufacture the drug and avail it to patients. This far, they have been able to help treat diseases such as neuromyelitis optica, idiopathic inflammatory myopathies, and multiple sclerosis.


The pharmaceutical giant may not be a regular hero, philanthropic enough to offer medication for free, but they are heroes in their rare moments. They are the heroes that will study their brains out and daily help rare disease patients to fight for another day because they are in the ring together, in it to win.