How Did OSI Industries Become An International Power Player

OSI Industries is the world’s largest food provider with over 20,000 employees assisting with operations in 65 facilities throughout 17 countries. This type of production has catapulted this company to another level of establishing itself as a power player in the food service industry by integrating itself into the 21st century modern globalization.

The founder of OSI Industries, Otto Kolschowsky, started his career in the 1950’s as a German immigrant in Chicago. He and some family members opened a simple butcher shop that eventually expanded to a wholesale operation. Otto and Sons is what the company was called focused on supplying big chains with food on a large scale.

One their first customers was the original Mcdonald’s in Des Plaines, IL. The owners of this franchise took notice of Otto and Sons because Otto adopted an innovative method of freezing food with liquid nitrogen, which meant it could be shipped further distances for a long time without spoiling. Since these products are able to reach more people in a short amount of time, plant production increased.

By 1975, Otto and Sons was in full swing, a technologically advanced wholesale operation that ramped up production tenfold. When the company expanded into the international market sector, another CEO took control of the company. His focus was on creating substantial growth in which he did successfully several years later. This ultimately helped the company rank #58 on the Forbes Largest Companies list in 2016.

Now OSI Industries have joint ventures with many companies in several countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, and Poland. More growth was facilitated in the USA thanks to facilities in Midwestern states such as Iowa and Illinois.

Poultry became king in 2000 around the world, so naturally that meant expansion into markets where people started to get a lot of money and had a taste for poultry items, including in India, Australia, and China. Tapping into these markets helped contribute to the constant growth.

Headquartered in Aurora, a suburb about 30 minutes west of Chicago, OSI Industries now primarily focuses on processing sausage links, pizza, and hamburger patties across the world, especially in Asia and Europe. Because of this international success, the company started to acquire other companies such as Baho Foods, a Dutch food operator. Moreover, it purchased several other plants in Illinois, including the Tyson facility in Chicago. One important merger was with Turi Foods, an Australian based poultry processor, where OSI have a shared ownership. There is so much to expect from OSI Industries.

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