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Marco Antonio Marques da Silva receives praises as an auditorium in Perdizes Campus is named in his honor

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a renowned legal professional who has immensely contributed to the Brazilian legal fraternity. He graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University Law School in 1991. He went on to pursue a doctorate degree in law from the same university where he graduated in 1995. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva also holds a degree in Economic and European Economic Law, which he earned from the University of Coimbra in 2005.


Leadership positions held by Marco Antonio

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is considered one of the most learned and experienced law practitioners in Brazil. Over the years, he has been entrusted with many leadership positions where he has portrayed outstanding leadership abilities. Marco Antonio has served as the leader of various research groups in Pontifical Catholic University. He has also served as the judge of the court of justice in State of Sao Paulo. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has served in many leadership positions where he has initiated many changes to these organizations and institutions. He has left a mark in almost every institution that he served.


He currently serves in the Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo as a judge. Marco Antonio launched his career in State Judiciary in 1983. He has served in various regions in Brazil that include Monte Alto, D’Oeste, and Sao Paulo. Over the years, Marco Antonio rose through the ranks to the Court of Appeals where he began serving in 2007. He was born in 1958 in the city of Itapetininga.


Recognition by peers

Earlier this year, Marco Antonio was honored by his peers for his efforts and contributions in the legal field. His efforts were recognized by his peers when they named one of the auditoriums in Perdizes Campus in his name. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva also serves in the same institution as a professor of criminal law.


The ceremony was presided over by Mr. Dirceu de Mello who is currently serving as the president of the institution. Mr. Dirceu previously served as the president of the Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo. He was showered with praises for his humility and the fact that he has dedicated his life to helping other people.