Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks: New Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Freedom Checks and Trump Bonus Checks have been featured in various financial news across America and you may be wary about it but if you take a close look at it, your perspective on them might change. The following is the guide to help you get the most out of the investment opportunities.

Trump bonus checks

Mike Burnick is the pioneer for these bonus checks and they came into being after he saw the need for people, especially those in the Armed Forces, to be rewarded for their patriotism. He recommends companies which you could invest in and be in a position to earn money from the bonus checks.

Freedom Checks

On the other side, freedom checks was coined by Matt Badiali and according to him, it is a good way for Americans to make huge amounts of money within a short period. However, some people are hesitant to invest in freedom checks owing to the many scams available in the internet. Matt Badiali’s education and work background speaks volumes about his expertise and reputation. As a geologist, he learned about workings of companies in the natural resources and interacted with various executives in the field, an experience that gave him a grasp of the potential of companies in the sectors to generate consistent profits that could be transferred to ordinary Americans.

Are they a viable investment opportunity?

They bring forward an investment opportunity that could see you earn huge amount of money. According to Badiali, early investors can earn up to 8,000% return on their investment. Statute 26-F clears the air on the freedom check. Although it was enacted 20 years ago, it attracted public attention recently. A company must meet two conditions to qualify for the Statute: generate 90% from domestic natural resources and pay investors regularly. In a video that went viral, Matt Badiali appealed to Americans to take advantage of the opportunity before it is too late. He had predicted that companies would pay over $34.8 billion in a few months, a move that has been seen has bold and strong believe in the opportunity. Master Limited Partnership (MLP) is a company that meets the two State 26-F conditions. If you invest in MLPs, you get tax benefits alongside a share of the companies’ income. Therefore, Matt Badiali has depicted freedom checks as a viable investment opportunity that you should take advantage of.

Ted Bauman Talks Real-life Examples

Since 2013, Ted Bauman has been a team member of Banyan Hill Publishing, acting as the editor of publications such as The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club, which focus on low-risk investment strategies, asset protection, and international migration issues. Prior to joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Mr. Bauman worked in South Africa as an executive in the nonprofit sector, having emigrated there in his early adulthood to attend the University of Cape Town. During his time in South Africa, which spanned 25 years, Ted Bauman worked in conjunction with a number of reputable institutions, including the World Bank, and also helped to found a number of initiatives that have helped millions of people around the world. Today he lives in Atlanta, GA, with his wife and daughter.

Ted Bauman’s day generally begins early in the morning at his home office, after he’s taken his daughter to school, and ends at about 5 pm each day. He begins with research, where he tracks the most pertinent financial trends of the hour, in an effort to give his readers and subscribers the information that matters the most in regards to their investing concerns. Utilizing his superior narrative abilities, he often includes real-life examples in his articles, finding that the information is much better received when they can be attached to pertinent events. In order to remain productive throughout the day, Ted Bauman adheres to a strict schedule, in which time management is heavily emphasized, although he admits that it is difficult to “resist having to do things in the morning, other than work.” He credits his time working at minimum wage jobs, such as Burger King, during his youth, as the catalyst for his concern and appreciation regarding the welfare of people at all levels of employment.

With financial sovereignty being such a significant part of his motivation, Ted Bauman often emphasizes asset protection, particularly in case of a market crash. Today, market volatility is inherent amongst investors, making a solid plan of action, a must. Because of this, he recommends approaching investing with a balanced viewpoint and understanding of the current goings-on.

Roberto Santiago Changes the Shopping Experience in Brazil

Roberto Santiago has proven one thing: when it comes to enjoyment, he knows how to get customers interested in what he is doing. He has created a very enjoyable experience for shoppers with the Manaira Mall that has an amusement park and a plethora of stores for shopping. This has become one of the most intriguing commercial real estate centers for people that are interested in experiencing shopping like they never have before.

Roberto Santiago wanted to create an experience where people will be able to go and view their favorite movies and go to their favorite clothing stores all under the same roof. He wanted people to be able to engage with one another in places like the Space Lounge or the bowling alley without having to ever leave the location they were in. Friends that come to this mall have the opportunity to have fun and get involved in multiple recreational activities without riding all over Brazil in search of something to do. Read more on

Roberto Santiago has become a real estate giant in Brazil because he created this mega mall in 1989 and he continued to be innovative with malls in other states. He has been able to maximize his return on investment in Brazil and he has also been able to give Brazilian natives a wonderful shopping experience in doing this.

Many people may say that Roberto Santiago got lucky when he came up on this type of real estate investment, but the reality is that much of this was his own vision. He had to discipline himself and work hard to develop a massive mall of this size. He had to get franchise businesses to believe in the potential for this massive mall in order to fill the space with vendors that we’re going to be popular with Brazilian Natives and tourists.

Some people may wonder if Roberto Santiago knew what he was doing when he started his first mega mall, but the answer to this would clearly be no. A mall of this size had never been created in Brazil before, and a lot of what Santiago was doing was trial and error. He wanted to create the best shopping experience for consumers, but he had to do the research and take time to explore. He wanted to get a feel for what customers were interested in, and he wanted to make sure that he created an experience that would be a memorable one. Tourists that consider this as a place that they would like to shop or instantly thrilled by the number of options that they have for all the different items that they may purchase. Other consumers that shop here or pleased with delectable food choices.

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Roberto Santiago is adding great accomplishments to this resume. He created a commercial center with abundant stores that are all under one roof to give shoppers an out-of-this-world type of experience when they visit the Manaira mall. It’s considered the best of what Brazil has to offer.

George Soros: Investor Extraordinaire

What would you say of a man, who as a teenage Hungarian Jew escaped internment and possible death in a Nazi concentration camp, fled to England where he studied philosophy at the London School of Economics, while working as a waiter and night porter and eventually became the billionaire investor-philanthropist with a personal net worth of $25.2 billion dollars? Extraordinary doesn’t even begin to describe the many facets of this extraordinary 87-year-old Hungarian émigré, who made it big on Wall Street.

His greatest moment came in 1992 when he took a call on the British pound by shorting it and in the process made a huge profit. At the time he became known worldwide as the man who broke the Bank of England. He continues to be a name to reckon with, in the investment world with his Soros Fund Management possessing tens of billions of dollars in assets.

Aside from his business success, George Soros is a passionate supporter of worthy causes across the globe as well as a committed philanthropist, having donated as much as $12 billion down the years. Through his Open Society Foundations, he has worked for the betterment of society in over a hundred countries. His philanthropy has spanned nations, eras and ideologies. Starting in the year 1979 with scholarships for black South African students during the apartheid era, it included providing photocopiers to reprint reading material for dissidents in communist East Germany and helping open up the Eastern Block to the Western World.

He has been at the forefront of criticizing the war on drugs, backing the use of medical marijuana and supporting the cause of same-sex marriage. That apart he has helped lawyers and paralegals come to the rescue of thousands of unlawfully incarcerated people around the world. Though in his eighties Soros is just as passionately involved in the causes dear to him today, traveling the world to meet with world leaders and sharing his views about what needs to be done.

Of him, you could truly say that he is an enigma, but in a positive way. His experience of life has led him to believe that nothing unites mankind more than humanity itself- not religion, economic beliefs, a way of living or sexual orientation. The times have a funny way of swinging between liberalism to conservatism, but people like Soros stand firm like the rock of Gibraltar holding on to their precious beliefs about personal freedom and the brotherhood of man. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

There would scarcely be a man alive today, who has that breadth of experience and insight as Soros and if not as any people as there should, seek his advice on matters of importance the world is poorer for it. In today’s digital times where virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robotics are fast transforming the world into a Matrix-like super state where everything is inter-connected and regulated people like Soros are our link to a time, when real flesh and blood people made their fortune using their hands and heads and not with the help of some number crunching machines.

As for Soros himself, he soldiers on, steadfast in his beliefs and conviction, fully committed to the advancement of his ideals-a just and a compassionate world where everyone has the space to live life the way they want to, and not what someone else has in mind for them. He can do so because he has walked his talk. Always.

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Recap-George Soros’ is an extraordinary story of the meteoric rise of a Hungarian Jewish émigré in the financial markets of the world and his equally remarkable commitment to philanthropy. From escaping internment in a Nazi concentration camp and studying at the famed London School of Economics to his rise on the New York Stock Exchange and his prescient shorting of the British pound in 1992 that made him a billionaire, his is one heck of a tail. Equally remarkable is his liberal philosophy of life and his putting his money where his mouth is by donating $12 billion of his own money to worthy causes over the years. Truly a man to emulate.

Read more about George at The New York Times.