Sussex Healthcare

Amanda Morgan Taylor is the new CEO of Sussex Healthcare. She is committed to improving all aspects and operations. She brings a wealth of her personal experience and background knowledge into her new role as CEO. There are many Opportunities available at Sussex Healthcare.

This is a UK-based Care and support home business. They provide several different services that are exceptional care. One of there services are caring for old people. Many times we look at old people and think that they are grumpy and slower and not the greatest people to be around. However, at Susses Healthcare They have a different mentality they provide love and nurturing services that you don’t really see anywhere else. They keep the Elder people active and in an upbeat mood. Dementia care is also another service that they provide.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare are well-equipped and educated in dementia care. They receive ongoing training that helps them understand and relate to Dementia care. Neurological care is a service that they take pride in. Their staff members are led by a group of team that is well-trained and well-equipped that provide excellent service on a daily basis. There is also nurses that are available 24 hours a day. Learning disabilities is something we can all relate to. They have special equipment that will guide and help people with learning disabilities along with well trained staff members.

Sussex Healthcare have locations in East Grinstead, Crawly, Horsham, Billingshurst, West Sussex, Uckfield, and in Broad bridge Heath. They have been a reputable establishment since 1985 providing excellent quality care. Sussex are an award-winning group of care homes providing over 25 years of healthcare in Sussex from a wide range of quality care and excellent service. Delicious meals and 24-hour healthcare are some of the accommodations that are provided at Sussex Healthcare. Providing long-term care to the highest level of expectation is Sussex main goal.