How Has OSI Group President McDonalds Managed Keep The Company Afloat For Years?

In the business world today, a good business is just as good as its leadership. This is one statement that has been proven true by the president of OSI Group one of the world’s leading food provider. OSI Group McDonalds has been able to penetrate markets that would have otherwise been considered impossible and cement their future there.

In a Q&A session with George Baker of INTERVIEW, this great business execute lets us in some of the secrets that have helped them remain relevant in the market. Here are some of the tips.

OSI Group McDonalds “entrepreneurial passion and a can-do ethic” have greatly helped the company maintain good relationship with its customers.

For a succeeding company, good customer care relationship is key. This understanding is well known to the company, its management and employees. To ensure that the set goal is achieved at the end of the day, the management of OSI Group has targeted its employees to meet all the customers’ expectations and even surpass them. This has helped them build their relationships and company’s brand in all the markets they have ventured.

What has been OSI Group’s secret to overcoming infrastructural challenges?
When it comes to overcoming challenges, McDonalds hints at partnership. Nobody and no organization understands this concept better than OSI Group’s president McDonalds. For instance, in the China food store, he was able to form strong and binding partnerships with the suppliers, customers and respective government agencies thus constructing one of the best and largest food facility in China.

Innovation and maintaining high family values has always been at the core of high quality foods for OSI Groups McDonalds.

If you will ask OSI Group McDonalds what has been the driving force behind their quality production, the answer will be straightforward; strong family values. OSI Group McDonalds believes in serving clients with foods that they will serve their family. With this in mind, they have encouraged their employees to be innovative in all aspect thus helping them meet high quality standards. Investment in quality equipment and personnel has also contributed to their high quality foods.

There is more to learn from this great business executive and the company he runs but the above pointers are some of the things that make this two to stand out.

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OSI Food Solutions Makes Two Key Moves That Will Improve The Company’s Offerings

OSI Food Solutions is one of the largest food companies in the world, and it continues to please its customers by offering them customized food solutions. The company was founded in 1909 and has been on a mission of expansion ever since the 1970s. As an American company, it is headquartered in Illinois and has recently made a move in the state to expand its offerings by purchasing a former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. The purchase was made for $7.4 million, and the 200,000 square-foot plant will make a great addition to an existing plant that is located nearby. The senior executive vice president for OSI Food Solutions, Kevin Scott commented that the facility will help to meet the ever-changing desires and needs of the company’s customers.

OSI Food Solutions also made another big move to expand its existing plant in Toledo, Spain. By adding a high-capacity production line along with other needed improvements, the company has been able to double its chicken processing capabilities. The move cost OSI Food Solutions €17 million and the facility can now produce over 24,000 tons of chicken and chicken products on a yearly basis versus the 12,000 tons it was able to produce before the addition. This now allows the company to produce more than 45,000 tons of pork, chicken products, and beef every year and will also add 20 new people to its already 140 strong workforce.

José María del Río, managing director for OSI Spain, remarked that the plant addition was built to meet the ever-growing needs of its customer base in the region. In the area, the demand for poultry and poultry related products has grown by 8% over the last few years. The additions also include a new product development kitchen, a new shipping and receiving area, storage for supplies that are used at the facility, areas that service oil, and more. David McDonald, president and COO of OSI Food Solutions, commented that the new additions will help the company to create new products and to grow with their clients in the region. He was also happy about the new equipment, which will reduce electricity consumption at the plant.

OSI Food Solutions Company, the World Leader in Providing Quality Products

The OSI group is an American privately-owned company, which involves meat processing that provides services in the retailing and food services industries. Most of the nations around the globe claim that the OSI Food solutions are their main global food provider due to their dedication to satisfying their customers’ needs and desires. The improvement in infrastructure and the accumulation of large resources has enabled OSI company to offer comprehensive ability to produce and distribute food solutions all over the world. Some of the amazing services that the company offers are effective to supply chain knowledge, quality assurance and custom food solutions among other services.

OSI Food Solutions Double Chicken Capacity

OSI Food Solutions produces more than 45000 tons of beef, and chicken products due to the latest expansion of the company. The recent investment that the company made was completed and has led to the rise in production capacity of processed chicken products from approximately 12000 tons to 24000 yearly. It is so amazing how the expansion will add about 20 new jobs to the normal existing workforce of about 140 people. The demand for chicken products has been increasing in the past few years, and this is what led to the expansion of the plant.

OSI Food Solutions UK Award 2026 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council

The OSI food solutions have been awarded a great award of honor from the British Safety council due to their tireless effort in managing risks associated with the environment. The award is normally presented to organizations, which have worked hard in managing their environment. Competition for the Globe of honor required the organization to achieve the status of five stars in the British Safety council environmental management audit scheme in the period August 2015-July 2016. Another requirement is that an organization should ensure that it has demonstrated substantial effort in the management of the environment in the course of undertaking their businesses.

OSI Food Solutions Career and Employment

The main goal in OSI Food solutions is the success of the company, and the success of any company comes from the productivity of the human resource of the company. Therefore, the company strives to offer and create a conducive environment and provide them with the necessary reward to stimulate them to work better. Working in OSI Food solutions requires a person who excellent in creativity and innovation and a person who believes that every person can bring a difference in raising the productivity of the company.

How Did OSI Industries Become An International Power Player

OSI Industries is the world’s largest food provider with over 20,000 employees assisting with operations in 65 facilities throughout 17 countries. This type of production has catapulted this company to another level of establishing itself as a power player in the food service industry by integrating itself into the 21st century modern globalization.

The founder of OSI Industries, Otto Kolschowsky, started his career in the 1950’s as a German immigrant in Chicago. He and some family members opened a simple butcher shop that eventually expanded to a wholesale operation. Otto and Sons is what the company was called focused on supplying big chains with food on a large scale.

One their first customers was the original Mcdonald’s in Des Plaines, IL. The owners of this franchise took notice of Otto and Sons because Otto adopted an innovative method of freezing food with liquid nitrogen, which meant it could be shipped further distances for a long time without spoiling. Since these products are able to reach more people in a short amount of time, plant production increased.

By 1975, Otto and Sons was in full swing, a technologically advanced wholesale operation that ramped up production tenfold. When the company expanded into the international market sector, another CEO took control of the company. His focus was on creating substantial growth in which he did successfully several years later. This ultimately helped the company rank #58 on the Forbes Largest Companies list in 2016.

Now OSI Industries have joint ventures with many companies in several countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, and Poland. More growth was facilitated in the USA thanks to facilities in Midwestern states such as Iowa and Illinois.

Poultry became king in 2000 around the world, so naturally that meant expansion into markets where people started to get a lot of money and had a taste for poultry items, including in India, Australia, and China. Tapping into these markets helped contribute to the constant growth.

Headquartered in Aurora, a suburb about 30 minutes west of Chicago, OSI Industries now primarily focuses on processing sausage links, pizza, and hamburger patties across the world, especially in Asia and Europe. Because of this international success, the company started to acquire other companies such as Baho Foods, a Dutch food operator. Moreover, it purchased several other plants in Illinois, including the Tyson facility in Chicago. One important merger was with Turi Foods, an Australian based poultry processor, where OSI have a shared ownership. There is so much to expect from OSI Industries.

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OSI Industries- The Giant Food Supplier Behind Mcdonalds

OSI Industries is the giant food supplier behind McDonald’s. German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky, found the company in 1909. The company started off as a small family meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. They slowly progressed into the biggest food supplier in the world within the turn of the century thanks to McDonald’s.

On 1928, the family business was re-branded as Otto & Sons. During this time, they were still a stable, successful local business. It was during 1955, when Otto & Sons really started to blossom. Ray Kroc opened his first McDonald’s Restaurant on 1955. He was in an agreement with the Otto sons, allow them to be McDonald’s first supplier of fresh ground beef. Through this agreement, Otto & Sons paved its way to become one of the most recognized brands in the market.

McDonald’s sells hamburgers and Otto & Sons provided them ground beef. They were able to produce an affordable and consistent beef to each and every McDonald’s that was opened. Flash Freezing was the technology behind Otto & Sons’s affordable and consistent beef. This technology involved freezing food quickly with the use of Liquid nitrogen and greatly reduced transportation costs.

On 1973, Otto & Sons had built its first plant solely dedicated to McDonald’s beef production. The other part of the business was known as the Glenmark brand, which served meat for the retail markets and local restaurants. It was only until 1975, when Otto & Sons were know as OSI Industries.

When McDonald’s broke into the international market in around 1978, OSI Industries followed McDonald’s success. The rest was history as McDonald’s continued to expand and OSI Industries continued to provide meat. The company was ranked #58 on Forbes’s 2016 list of largest private companies. Their sales were estimated at 6.1 billion dollars.

OSI Industries success started off as a small friendship deal. With a bit of luck,a bit of hard work, and a lot of McDonald’s, they are now known as one of the world’s top leading food provider.

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