Dick DeVos: A Philanthropist and a Businessman

Junior DeVos or Dick DeVos, the son of Richard DeVos, who is the owner and the head of multinational companies, and was one of the famous and well-reputed philanthropist and humanitarian in the country, who was famous for their amazing work and great contributions in making the country greater and better. He started his career as in employee in the international department at Amway and because of his hard work and skills, he took over the company and became CEO. He got all his talent and skills from his father, learned from his father’s experience of running different businesses. Because of his talents and skills, he was an amazing leader, and he was the only reason, that the company was performing this great. Because of his experience in the international market, he used his knowledge and skills to grow the company. And under his guidance, the company expanded and grew to almost fifty different countries, worldwide. After doing a lot for his company, he decided to focus on other targets he wanted to achieve.



His love to serve mankind was one for the reason he stepped down from the CEO position so that he can focus on his targets and goals. He always wanted to help others, and for that, he decided to work for it and formed DeVos Family Foundation to serve the mankind. He started this organization with his better half (wife), who is the current acting Education Minister of the country. Through this organization, the couple has changed the life of many people and provided them with the necessities, education, rights, and good healthy life style, that every human deserves. This organization is also working to upgrade the education system of the country, so that the coming generation should be well aware, and can serve the country in a better way. They provide students who have great academic history, but cannot afford education with scholarships, so that they can get a high-quality education without any hindrance. DeVos also wanted to encourage student who wanted to study business and to start their career as a business man by giving them scholarships and training courses, him being the business man in that country, he knew what struggles a business student goes through, and he doesn’t want his coming generation to face that, he also wants to make this country economically strong by promoting business.



DeVos is patriotic and has a love for land, animals, and environment also, he started so many campaigns to protect the environment and the natural beauty of his homeland and has made so many donations to preserve and conserve the animals, plants.


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Betsy DeVos – Performance in Education Segment

She is one of the most successful ladies in the country at the moment. She has been participating in a broad range of activities. Over the years she has served the government in a good number of positions. Apart from being a well-known politician, she has also been performing well in the corporate world. She started her political career in her tertiary level. Over the years she has been able to learn a lot about the local people and how best she can support her community.

Learn more: https://www2.ed.gov/news/staff/bios/devos.html?src=hp

Besty DeVos was appointed as the 11th United States secretary of education. While in office Betsy Devos will make major changes in the education system which lead to the provision of better education in the country. The policies are meant to provide a more conducive environment in which students can easily get the level of education they need. Most of the things being taught at the moment in a wide range of schools are out dated and thus do not reflect the modern society. Due to that, there must be major changes in the segment so as to prepare the next generation for our future. With the experience and skills being possessed by Devos the all process will be made easy and efficient at the same time. Schools which do not meet the standards put in place by the government will be refurbished.

Just like any other mothers Besty love kids so much. When she was taking her kids to school, she realized that some of the parents were not in a position of affording high-quality education system. After that, she started her philanthropic journey to support people who were not well off. She knew that this was the only way she could do away with the vicious circle of poverty.

In the beginning, she started with a small number of kids. So as to come up with the most suitable students to support she considered their background and also their performance over the years. By doing that she was in a better state of coming up with the right students to support.

The number of students being supported by her organization has been growing a lot over the years. With the help of well-wishers, the number of people getting a free education with the help of Betsy is growing a lot. Her husband has also been very supporting in the entire journey. Apart from supporting the entire process financially, he has also been offering guidance and support to her. Read more articles at MLive about Betsy.

She has also been a mentor to a wide range of students in the region. Many young girls are now looking up to her due to the good track record she has been able to create in her career.