Talkspace: An App for Mental Health

In today’s world, mental health issues have become a widely talked about subject in the news. People often struggle privately trying to sort out stressful lives and difficult marriages. Traditionally, it’s been normal to search on-line for a doctor, call a friend for a referral or ask your private physician for advice. With technology moving as fast as it has in the past years, you can now connect with a licensed therapist via text, smartphone or chatting on your desktop. This new application is called Talkspace.

Often times, people are shy about admitting their problems and certainly may not want to be seen going to a mental health facility. Talkspace takes care of all of those concerns as they initially set you up with a primary therapist that is in charge of connecting you to qualified therapist. Each focuses on a different area such as anixety, marriage counseling or depression, to name a few. Talkspace has changed the market place offering a tool that lessens the impact of an awkward encounter with a live therapist at an office. Talkspace provides real time chat with therapists that are at your beck and call.

Talking with someone about your private problems and getting the courage to even share that information is where Talkspace is a genius idea. They are discreet and keep every conversation private. If you want to switch to another therapist, they will simple transfer all of your background information and concerns to the new therapist ready to work on your file.

Most patients have reported an ease of the app and its low cost of $59 to get started as an attractive product feature. Others have commended the response time that has given them a lot of confidence when really needing to chat. Further, Talkspace continues to make a huge impact when it comes to dealing with mental illness and finding a reliable professional therapist.