Rocketship Education: Alternative Learning and Its Effects on School Children

Alternative learning is slowly becoming available to more American families, thanks to organizations like the Rocketship Education which provides affordable education to children from poverty-stricken areas. Children who are enrolled at a Rocketship Education affiliated school have a lot of benefits, including high test scores on a national level. However, alternative learning has its critics, and recently, a report publishing by NPR drew criticisms and ire from parents who are sending their children to Rocketship Education affiliated schools. The issue began when one of the reporters for NPR published a report, with the title “High Test Scores – But at What Cost?” The report was shared online, becoming viral on Twitter and Facebook. The story divided the public opinion, with some agreeing to what the news story is all about, while some are dismissing it as an attack against families who send their children to an alternative learning institution. Critics of the report stated that NPR never conducted thorough research, and published a biased story that aims to discredit the students who are studying from alternative learning institutions.

Parents of students who are attending schools which are affiliated with the Rocketship Education quickly dismissed what was written on the news story. They said that their children’s performance inside the school greatly improved, and they never have to pay anything, contrary to what the story says. They also claimed that allowing their children to study hard for the tests never had any negative impact on their behavior. Children enrolled at Rocketship Education affiliated schools have been enjoying the learning process because the school administration commanded their teachers not to focus on the academics alone, but to also develop the student’s artistic, musical, and physical talents. Teachers are also hands-on with their students, and they had to learn and familiarize with their characteristics and personality. Teachers are even required to visit their students at home and observe how they are spending their time with their family so that they could establish an effective method in teaching children. The parents, students, teachers, and the school administrators deny the report from NPR and encouraged other parents to send their children to Rocketship Education affiliated schools and notice the difference.