Burnout Philosophy of Paul Saunders from James River Capital

James River Capital Corp. was created in 1986 in Richmond, Virginia as KP Futures Management Corp. In 1995, Paul Saunders, and Kevin Brandt teamed up and purchased the business while working for the previous owners. James River Capital has been managed well under the team of Paul Saunders, and Kevin Brant and has continued to move forward on its amazing success as investment advisors.


Paul Saunders has a philosophy about good workers who may get burnt out in the work sector. The work sector can be a stressful place, and employees getting burnout will happen eventually. Sometimes the employee’s personal life can also get in the way with the stress of the workplace, causing the burn out to be inevitable. It always takes motivation on a good leader’s part to be aware of the warning signs because employees are human beings and can go off track sometimes.


Some of the signs are, the worker may have a loss of control over scheduling events and time management. This can cause a worker to feel like there’s no way out and the situation may be hopeless. This can be a major burnout, and employees should have 10 to 15 minutes in the morning to figure out what they want to accomplish that day. They should make a list or outline their goals so they have better control over situations that may arise. Learn more: https://patch.com/virginia/richmond/paul-saunders-principal-james-river-capital-corp-burnout


There may be a lack of transparency where promotions for the employee are overlooked. The employee may feel they’re not paid enough and may experience negative feelings against the company or managers. They will feel this way especially if they feel they are not getting the proper attention from upper management by not getting answers. As employers, they should always keep the line of communication open which will stop these feelings from their workers before it happens.


If an employee becomes stressed there will be a noticeable change in their attitude. This can cause anger issues, negativity, and lack of motivation. This can also be resolved by open communication between the employer and employee. Sometimes suggesting a new hobby and leaving work issues at work and home issues at home may be some good advice in this situation.


There may also be a lack of confidence in the employee that is noticeable. Sometimes they will begin to second-guess themselves or just may not feel confident with a change or a new task at hand. Sometimes a change in a worker’s routine can throw a worker completely off track and they may need redirection. To lessen these situations an employer could advise or work with the employee on obtaining an achievable goal. In the end, everything comes down to communication.

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