Hussain Sajwani, The DAMAC Owner, Discusses His Company

Hussain Sajwani, who just so happens to be the DAMAC owner, holds the distinction of being the fourth-richest Arab in the world with a total net worth of over $4 billion but he wasn’t always this affluent. So just how did he manage to become so wealthy and successful? He recently agreed to an interview about how he first got his start in the business world and where he sees himself in five years. He was born in the early 1950’s to a father who was a watch store owner and this is what prompted him to go into entrepreneurship. He proved to be an excellent student and, as such, was awarded a scholarship to go study in the United States. After graduating from college, the real estate investor eventually returned to the middle east and began his career working at a gas company.

Over the years, he began slowly ascending and it wasn’t long before Hussain Sajwani became the DAMAC owner in 2002. One of the things he most enjoys about working for his company is being able to see concepts go from being merely an idea to reaching fruition. He was then asked about whether or not he thinks education is more important than experience and he responded by saying that the two concepts go hand in hand and, as such, are of equal significance. One of the most difficult decisions of his career was deciding whether he should keep the company private or not because this would make them susceptible to investigations by the IRS and cause internal changes.

And of course, Hussain Sajwani, who is still the DAMAC owner after 15 years, is proud of the diverse group of employees he has working for him as there are over 77 different ethnicities represented at his company. He also noted that everyone pulls their own weight and that no one person is solely responsible for the success of the company. In the future, he hopes to expand the company into the European nations. He is also a firm advocate of social media and consistently uses it on a daily basis.

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