NGP VAN Services Provided To The Democratic Party Political Agenda

NGP VAN, Inc. is a privately-owned service platform that is used by the Democratic Party and its authorized organizations for social and political fundraising campaigns. It is also involved in campaign finance compliance procedures and tracking, organizing field events and digital organization of voter events. NGP VAN, formerly known as Voter Activation Network, maintains a database and is a web hosting service provider for the party and its campaigns. Based in Washington, District of Columbia, the organization is familiar with many wishing to get involved with Democratic Party functions and active election events.


NGP VAn works with political organizers to help them gain social access to voters helping them set the overall tone they wish to convey. They help them decide how they want to present their message, whether it be comical, serious, to simply present the news or addressing specific concerns they feel are important for Democratic Party voters. NGP VAN works with group leaders to teach them how to gather and analyze data for their social campaigns to determine how their audience is reacting and the effectiveness of the campaigns to reach people.


NGP VAN aids various campaigns in organizing phone campaigns, including gathering phone workers and using robocall technologies to organize workers, inform voters of rallies and town meetings or to quickly put out recent news notifications. NGP VAN helps set up phone surveys to track current opinion or to gather information that may be analyzed to determine the effectiveness of various campaign methods and platforms. Additionally, at a very reasonable cost to campaigners, NGP VAN can provide a Live Call service to reach voters. All of these services help to keep all political efforts compliant with laws in effect.

Direct mail and email efforts are also important to the election process and fundraising. NGP VAN has many available resources for these methods of reaching voters, using politically compliant methods. They teach campaigns how to effectively and cost-efficiently reach supporters and influence voters. This and all services are available for not only presidential and congressional levels but also to town council and school board political campaigns.


In addition, NGP VAN helps to develop the election finance committee to effectively raise the funds needed in short amounts of time. Provided is information on the various fundraising methods at their disposal to reach the goals they have set. These include mail, luncheons or dinners, phone calls, and direct contact. In short, NGP VAN will not leave anyone on their own who desires to become involved in the election process.


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