OSI Food Solutions Makes Two Key Moves That Will Improve The Company’s Offerings

OSI Food Solutions is one of the largest food companies in the world, and it continues to please its customers by offering them customized food solutions. The company was founded in 1909 and has been on a mission of expansion ever since the 1970s. As an American company, it is headquartered in Illinois and has recently made a move in the state to expand its offerings by purchasing a former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. The purchase was made for $7.4 million, and the 200,000 square-foot plant will make a great addition to an existing plant that is located nearby. The senior executive vice president for OSI Food Solutions, Kevin Scott commented that the facility will help to meet the ever-changing desires and needs of the company’s customers.

OSI Food Solutions also made another big move to expand its existing plant in Toledo, Spain. By adding a high-capacity production line along with other needed improvements, the company has been able to double its chicken processing capabilities. The move cost OSI Food Solutions €17 million and the facility can now produce over 24,000 tons of chicken and chicken products on a yearly basis versus the 12,000 tons it was able to produce before the addition. This now allows the company to produce more than 45,000 tons of pork, chicken products, and beef every year and will also add 20 new people to its already 140 strong workforce.

José María del Río, managing director for OSI Spain, remarked that the plant addition was built to meet the ever-growing needs of its customer base in the region. In the area, the demand for poultry and poultry related products has grown by 8% over the last few years. The additions also include a new product development kitchen, a new shipping and receiving area, storage for supplies that are used at the facility, areas that service oil, and more. David McDonald, president and COO of OSI Food Solutions, commented that the new additions will help the company to create new products and to grow with their clients in the region. He was also happy about the new equipment, which will reduce electricity consumption at the plant.

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