Women Empowerment: A highlight on Penelope Kokkinides, the COO at InnovaCare Health Solutions

  1. Penelope Kokkinides was born in 1969 and has been a prominent figure in the society for a long time. She obtained her B.S in classical languages and biological sciences from the State University of New York at Binghamton and completed her social work M.S from New York University. She also holds a second Public Health masters from Columbia University.


Penelope Kokkinides rejoined InnovaCare Health Solutions, LLC in 2015 and her impact on the company made her rise to the CAO position in 2016. Before becoming the CAO , she was the vice president in charge of clinical operations and the COO. She prides herself on her more than twenty years experience in healthcare programs run by the government, Medicare, and Medicaid, among other top programs. Her knowledge in creating, managing and developing healthcare operations and clinical programs is impeccable. Her main aim is overseeing the improvement, productivity and structural organization of the healthcare system.


She obtained her experience in health care systems from her previous jobs, for instance, Centerlight Healthcare where she was the Executive VP and Chief Operations Officer. She was also the Corporate VP at Americhoice, affiliated to UnitedHealth Group. Her passion led to her cooperation with other leaders to form an affiliate organization funded by InnovaCare to cater for the health needs of Puerto Ricans. The organization oversees the largest Medicare Advantage healthcare plan called MMM on this island. The Leaders of InnovaCare guided Medicare Y Mucho Mas in establishing Recargate which specifically addresses the care needs of Puerto Ricans especially in drug management and illness prevention.


Penelope’s knowledge and efforts in improving healthcare systems in Puerto Rico attracted her invitation to the White House by the United States President, Donald Trump, together with seven other women who hold similar sentiments. During the meeting, Ms. Kokkinides addressed the importance of increasing funds for the Medicare Advantage Plan in Puerto Rico. She also echoed that the revision of Medicare Advantage Payments by the administration would be the best healthcare solution for Puerto Ricans and praised the president for his efforts regarding the same.


Penelope Kokkinides also proclaimed Puerto Ricans solely rely on Medicaid systems and for them to benefit, CMS should fix the cuts. She also noted that InnovaCare caters for many people thus if legislation could be amended, many people would greatly benefit.


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