The Whimsical Brain Behind Lime Crime: Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a make-up line creator and designer who currently resides in Las Angeles, California. She is a leader in the health and beauty industry and grew up with her family in New York after being born in Russia.


Doe Deere created a do-it-yourself fashion line in 2004. She opened an eBay store named “Limecrime“. Doe was her own model. While searching to deliver a complete package which would include makeup that matched the brightly colored clothing she created, Doe Deere felt a need to invent her own line of makeup in order to create the colors that were missing in the makeup world. Doe then became known for the brightly colored makeup that she wore. In 2008, Doe Deere launched Lime Crime.


Doe feels that makeup is a form of self-expression and freedom and not just a way to hide imperfections. Natural may not always fit the mood and a moment may require something bright, eye catching and bold. Lime Crime consist of cosmetics that contain vibrant, bold and intense pigments.


Doe Deere was reported saying that to her, success is when her audience connects with her vision on Lime Crime and are proud to where the brand. Making others happy is another form of success, Doe Deere feels. Her business evolving and her brand being reinvented over and over as well as staying true to values are also a form of success for her.


A personal success for Lime Crime as well as herself was the introduction of liquid to matte lipstick into the market. Lime Crime’s liquid to matte lipstick is transfer proof, does not crumble and stays on. It took Doe several months of working in the laboratory with along with chemist in order to get this product just right. This line of Lime Crime makeup is called The Velvetines, as in velvet looking lipsticks. The Velvetines, like the entire Lime Crime cosmetic line is vegan and cruelty free. Leaping Bunny, with is the certifier in the beauty industry that test among the most stringent guidelines, has certified Lime Crime as being cruelty free.


As Doe Deere is a role model herself, she also has role models of her own. The creator of Wildfox, Kimberley Gordon is Doe’s most important role model. Doe likes that Gordon started with her passion which was clothing that contained a vintage twist while remaining comfortable. Not only is Kimberly, Deere’s role model, she has also grown a friendship with her as and is mentored by Gordon. They both launched their businesses around the same time and both of their products appeal to a similar type of buyer. Both Doe Deere as well as Kimberley Gordon love all things that would be described as whimsical.


Doe Deere is a supporter of other women entrepreneurs as well as businesses that are owned by women. You can find Doe Deere speaking about following your own ambitions, and finding your own voice at events such as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour or PHAMExpo.


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What The Civic Organization Avaaz Does To Make The World Better

Avaaz is a New York City-based civics organization. They promote global activism and have members from most nations around the world. This organization’s name was chosen because in a number of Asian and Middle Eastern languages is means “voice”. Their mission boils down to organizing their members to amplify their voices and move the world closer to the one that most people want to have.People from every walk of life are members of Avaaz. The types of issues they address are local, regional, national, and global in nature. What they address varies from poverty to climate change to animal rights.

While the voices of a few people can be easily disregarded by those in power it is much more challenging to ignore the voices of thousands or more people, after all.Most of what Avaaz does takes place online. They email petitions and other messages to their members. People can sign off on the petitions that they want to be a part of. There are also efforts to get people to contact their elected government officials in order to voice their opinions on a subject. Avaaz also provides the funding for media campaigns and encourage people to take direct action.

Additionally, they sometimes help people organize what they call an “offline” protest when that is called for.One campaign that Avaaz is currently engaged in is sending an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive officer of Facebook. This open letter, which people can sign on the Avaaz website, is asking Mark Zuckerberg to follow through on some things in regards to selling people’s private information. Among these is to finally tell the truth to people about all of the fake users on his website and the disinformation campaigns that occur there on a regular basis.