How Securus Technologies Plan to Curtail Illegal Cell Phone Use

Anyone who has worked in corrections can attest to just how stressful that work environment can be, whether that means dealing with unruly inmates, monitoring, or seizing illegal contraband, a career in corrections is challenging. In recent years, cell phones use among inmates has become a topic of concern for many correctional facilities, especially since many inmates have used these phones to carry out crimes from behind bars. A huge proponent of curtailing cell phone use among inmates is ex-corrections officer Robert Johnson, who spent 15-years with the Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. While with the Correctional Institution, Johnson was tasked with confiscating contraband that made it into the facility.


According to a article, Johnson seized a package that was reportedly valued at $50,000 dollars. An inmate who gained access to an illegal cell phone orchestrated the plan, which ultimately led to the package being brought into the facility. Once the package was seized, the same inmate used their cell phone to exact retaliation on Johnson, which led to the correction officer being shot in his own home. Of course, this is only one example of crimes being orchestrated by inmates with cell phones; in a separate incident, an inmate used a cell phone to plan a crime that resulted in the death of a nine-month-old baby.


The Dallas-based company, which has built a reputation for providing best in class safety to corrections personnel and inmates, has announced plans to help stymie the incidence of crimes perpetrated by inmates. The company, which is collaborating with the FCC, has introduced a Wireless Containment System that impedes an inmate’s ability to make certain cell phone calls. Why is the FCC involved? Well, federal law precludes anyone from arbitrarily blocking cell phone signals. The Wireless Containment System introduced by Securus Technologies ensures that prisons can put an end to illegal calls while still complying with federal regulations.


Securus Technologies have prided themselves on their ability to adapt to changes in the corrections industry. This is especially true, as they work to take on new challenges like cell phone use in U.S. prisons. Securus Technologies constantly makes investments in security and safety, as well as protocols that benefit the facilities that they serve. In fact, the company’s investment expenditures total $600 million annually.


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