Talk Fusion for Business

When you are running a business, you need to know what tools are going to work well for your business. That’s where Talk Fusion can come in handy. It can help you take your business to the next level.


Talk To Employees

If you have remote offices that need to get information, then you will be able to talk to them and tell them what is happening in the business. You can can also ask employees to talk to you through video to help you know what your business needs and how you can make it work the best for them and for your customers.


Video Announcements

One of the best video uses is for announcements that will show customers what your business is all about. It’s even better if you are allowing customers to chat with you and let you know what they think. This way you will be happy with the business you have. They will also get to know you as a brand and your products. There are so many ways you can use this kind of service that you will probably find other ways to talk to your customers and be able to get feedback on your products or services.


When you are looking at video products, then you want to know you are getting the best for your needs. The last thing you want is to get into something that won’t work for you or your business. Talk Fusion may be just what you are looking for and may help you to get more business than you ever thought possible. Learn more:


How Guards Use Securus Technologies to Maintain Order

Maintaining order inside the prison is something that me and my fellow officers struggle with on a daily basis. The inmates are getting better at accessing drugs and weapons, the jail is getting overcrowded, and the prison staff is being cut. This creates a recipe for some seriously dangerous situations, so my team of officers need to be working especially hard to keep the peace.


Trying to keep drugs and contraband out of our jail is no easy task. These inmates have developed a number of ways to gain access easier than when they were on the streets. So to keep a close eye on the activities, we have to be in as many places as possible during the day when the inmates are out and about. If the inmates are in the visitor center, we need to scan and search both guests and inmates, making sure that nothing gets into our facility.


Securus Technologies has been instrumental in helping my team to make our prison safer than ever. The company developed an inmate call monitoring system that is able to do the work of a crew of corrections officers, quickly alerting our team when the inmates are discussing things like weapons, fighting, or drugs. This Dallas-based company is serious bout making the world safer, and is already up and running in thousands of jails around the country.


We are already seeing a huge decrease in crimes within the jail even after just a few weeks of having access to the new call monitoring system. If the inmates think they can try to get family to sneak drugs into the visitor center, we are able to intercept. If the inmates try planning a hit on other inmates or officers, we separate and remove any weapons that could have been used.