Dick DeVos: A Philanthropist and a Businessman

Junior DeVos or Dick DeVos, the son of Richard DeVos, who is the owner and the head of multinational companies, and was one of the famous and well-reputed philanthropist and humanitarian in the country, who was famous for their amazing work and great contributions in making the country greater and better. He started his career as in employee in the international department at Amway and because of his hard work and skills, he took over the company and became CEO. He got all his talent and skills from his father, learned from his father’s experience of running different businesses. Because of his talents and skills, he was an amazing leader, and he was the only reason, that the company was performing this great. Because of his experience in the international market, he used his knowledge and skills to grow the company. And under his guidance, the company expanded and grew to almost fifty different countries, worldwide. After doing a lot for his company, he decided to focus on other targets he wanted to achieve.



His love to serve mankind was one for the reason he stepped down from the CEO position so that he can focus on his targets and goals. He always wanted to help others, and for that, he decided to work for it and formed DeVos Family Foundation to serve the mankind. He started this organization with his better half (wife), who is the current acting Education Minister of the country. Through this organization, the couple has changed the life of many people and provided them with the necessities, education, rights, and good healthy life style, that every human deserves. This organization is also working to upgrade the education system of the country, so that the coming generation should be well aware, and can serve the country in a better way. They provide students who have great academic history, but cannot afford education with scholarships, so that they can get a high-quality education without any hindrance. DeVos also wanted to encourage student who wanted to study business and to start their career as a business man by giving them scholarships and training courses, him being the business man in that country, he knew what struggles a business student goes through, and he doesn’t want his coming generation to face that, he also wants to make this country economically strong by promoting business.



DeVos is patriotic and has a love for land, animals, and environment also, he started so many campaigns to protect the environment and the natural beauty of his homeland and has made so many donations to preserve and conserve the animals, plants.


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End Citizens United Ready’s itself to the Mid-term Polls

For a significant period now, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been opposed to the Supreme Court’s decision regarding End Citizens. She has worked hard in the attempt to reform the broken campaign finance systems. The End Citizens United endorsed her candidature since Elizabeth has consistently voiced against the influence brought in politics by money. She is at the lead in the fight for financial reforms in politics. The president of End Citizens Tiffany Muller described Elizabeth Warren as an individual who has dedicated her career to standing up for the American workers. Every working family shut out of the American Democracy has recognized her as their hero.


For her candidature in the 2018 elections, End Citizens United intends to connect her with the 100,000 members based in Massachusetts and at the same time activate it’s more than 360, 000 grassroots donors to see to it that she gets relevant recourses to triumph. The grassroots organization is projected to raise about $35 million for the election. The preparations are aimed at showing the support of End Citizen United.


End Citizens United is a committee that focuses on doing away with large money in politics. In the very first three months of this year, the organization had collected over $4 million and aim at raising 35 million before the midterm elections for Congress scheduled for 2018. The amount is quite a surge given that in 2016 the action committee raised about $25 million. Approximately 100,000 people raised the $4 million. Of these people, 40,000 were first time givers. Tiffany Muller, the executive director of the organization, says that the primary objective of the group is to elect candidates who champion for the financial reforms in campaigns.


According to Muller, the Democrats are furious about the win of President Trump and is seemingly ready to fight against both his agendas and nominees. The political action committee was able to urge contributors to support the Democrat first time political candidate in Georgia known as Jon Ossoff. Ossoff who is 30 surprised End Citizens United by raising over $4 million for the special election aimed at filling a Republican House seat in Suburban Atlanta.


The name of the organization was derived from the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizen United decision that paved the way for corporate donations to candidates. It also helped in the launch of PACs that can raise and spend any amount. End Citizens United is a traditional PAC. It does not whatsoever accept donations that are over $5,000 from a single donor. Despite this cap, the organizations fundraising conducted in 2016 ranked it top on the list of groups that are associated with the Democratic Party. The aggressive fundraising of this organization was noted by some campaign watchdogs who emphasize grassroots activism over the collection of political cash.