Dr. Andrew Manganaro’s Commitment To The Eradication Of Asymptomatic Diseases

A native of Brooklyn, Dr. Andrew Manganaro did his M.D at New York University School of Medicine. He then trained as a surgeon and as a cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon and got certified for the same.

He practiced privately for 35 years, and after retirement, he established the Life Line Screening and took up the post of CMO. Ideamensch featured Andrew Manganaro in a recent interview.

How Life Line Screening Came to Being

Life Line Screening (LLS) was conceived when Dr. Manganaro was in his private practice.  With time, he realized that the patients lacked the basic knowledge of most asymptomatic diseases, which made them unable to prevent the diseases early enough. He decides to come up with a facility that would address the shortage, and Life Line Screening came into being.

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Andre’s Daily Routine

Typically, Dr. Andrew Manganaro’s role at Life Line Screening is supervisory. He has made it a daily routine to supervise different departments in the organization, and overseeing their general progress. Andrew acknowledged that his team at Life Line Screening is very talented and committed to delivering the organization’s goals. He told Ideamensch that the increased scientific knowledge of asymptomatic diseases is the trend that excites him most. He said that there was hope that in future, the diseases will be discovered and treated at their early stages.

His Main Business Strategy

Dr. Andrew Manganaro revealed that his key business strategy is keeping himself up to date with changes in the scientific world. In this regard, he has invested heavily in developing a good database for Life Line Screening and in supporting a consistent scientific research.

Life Line Screening

Created in 1993, Life Line Screening as health, wellness, and fitness firm. Based in Independence, Ohio, the organization specializes in screening patients for asymptomatic diseases, such as diabetes, heart diseases, and osteoporosis.

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