Jorge Moll’s Study Suggests That We Are Actually Hard-Wired To Do The Right Thing

The study

When presented with scenarios when decisions regarding giving to others or just keeping everything for ourselves have to be made, what actually is happening in our brains when we make that final decision? Neuroscientist Jorge Moll with neuroscientist Jordan Grafman performed such an experiment. They gathered some participants and scanned their brains as they made decisions on whether to be generous and give to others or the decision not to give. Moll hoped that the outcome would help to shed some light on the rule that the brain plays when it comes to morality.


The interesting results


The results revealed that when the participants made the decision to be generous, the portion of the brain that was activated is what is referred to the primitive part of the brain. It is compared to the feeling that we get when we are enjoying pleasurable activities such as eating good food or having sex. What this means is that being nice is actually something that we do not need to think about it. Instead, it is actually ingrained in us. By being nice, we experience pleasure. Basically, it is a win for everyone.


Jorge Moll


Moll is currently the president-director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education and the head of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. DOR started from a vision that Moll had to promote healthcare, education, and research within his home country. In 1994, Moll received his medical degree from Federal University in Brazil and his doctoral degree in 2004. In 2008, he was elected an affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. Moll was elected to the board of the International Neuroethics Society in 2012, and in 2015, he was awarded Standford University’s Visiting Scholar Award.


The Startling Philanthropic Contributions of Lee May

Lee May is a renowned entrepreneur as well as a businessman. Lee has also been in the construction industry for more than 25 years. At the moment he works for Beamridge Ltd as their Chief Advisor. The company has transformed into a great and successful enterprise due to Lee’s extra effort and determination. Apart from work Mr. May has a soft spot for the less fortunate in the society and has engaged himself in several philanthropic activities. He has been in charge of leading a number of huge fundraising functions as well as supporting various charities in the local community.


Lee May is committed to helping his community progress in a positive direction. Lee is dedicated at seeing the youth reaching their full potential by focusing on youth development programs. He mentors the young people by offering guidance and tips on how to join the business world and give up the life of drugs and crime. Lee May funds groups that are involved in youth development and sponsors charitable activities that are dedicated to helping people diagnosed with cancer. He also funds groups advocating for road safety such as Brake. Lee May is great at boxing and he sponsors various boxing clubs in order to allow the trainees to have quality training which is essential during the competitions.


Lee May is an extraordinary man and this reflects all aspects of his life including his work. Lee began and developed his real estate operations in London. Mr. May has been involved in several major real estate deals in London that earned him a great reputation. The remarkable reputation has taken him to different places such as Hong Kong and Canada. In Canada, Lee managed to fulfill his mission by working smart and with extra determination. Mr. May has been expanding his personal portfolio by being at the top of his game. He recently received a new venture which is a care home enterprise. Lee May is amazing at what he does and enjoys his work. He is great at building and transforming companies. Lee also thinks of better ways to exit a company without causing any disruption.


Advantage of Custom Companies

When you need to move from one area to another whether yourself or even for the sake of your good you need a company that you can trust for the movement of your items. One of the most important thing that a person can consider is the price that will suit him for the sake of his good. The company called Custom Companies is one of the best that can safely transport your product that you can be comfortable.

The company situated in the city of Chicago, and it is what you need for the sake of transportation, and you can guarantee that you will get the best services that you need out of this Custom Companies. It is among the company that offers freight shipping services. It has a well-organized team for giving you some of these services that you may need for transportation sake of your goods. The firm has a well-designed warehouse where some of the products stored in Chicago.

The advantage that a person got when he decided to use this Custom Companies for transportation is that they charge meager rates for freight shipping of goods. Some of the team members have specialized on matters concerning educating their clients and also their customers about their services and are always ready to answer any question that a customer may ask because they are still prepared to serve them. The best means that a person can contact them is by filling out a particular form once he gets an opportunity to be served by the firm.

The cargo put inside a container, and the reason as to why this done is to ensure that they good arrive at their destination in the safest manners. The excellent reason for choosing this transportation company is because there is no delay due to traffic and when you try to compare this means the railway it is better and safe to use this transportation company. The other advantage of them is that they do not have a fixed schedule like the other means hence reaching your destination on right time and day.

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Marathon Pharmaceuticals Spares Nothing to Win the War over Rare Diseases

Nobody likes medicine, not with the sour taste, disturbing smell and doctors insisting that you have to finish your prescription, especially when you feel like you have had enough. Then suppose you have an illness with mouthful names like polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis and catastrophic pediatric epilepsy and the names are enough to scare you into taking your pills diligently. It is pharmaceutical companies like Marathon, which ensure that the right drugs are in circulation for a healthier nation. Marathon, not only manufactures the drugs but also carries out extensive research in their field of expertise, neurological science, and movement disorders.


Why Marathon Deserves Recognition


Patients fit into two categories, general illness patients and those with diseases little heard of because they are rare. The latter patients are who Marathon Pharmaceuticals are fighting daily battles to save. Widespread illness patients have a variety of drugs at their disposal, and they are at liberty to choose what works for them because their illnesses are understood and treatable. Patients with rare disorders, however, do not reserve that ‘luxury.’ Most times, they are at the mercy of trial drugs, and some go to the extent of accepting to become guinea pigs all in the desperation to get well soon.


Marathon understands this struggles all to well and may explain the reason they chose the less trodden path. They spend every waking day on researching the rare conditions hoping for a breakthrough. They then develop the medicine as per research and regulations protocol, manufacture the drug and avail it to patients. This far, they have been able to help treat diseases such as neuromyelitis optica, idiopathic inflammatory myopathies, and multiple sclerosis.


The pharmaceutical giant may not be a regular hero, philanthropic enough to offer medication for free, but they are heroes in their rare moments. They are the heroes that will study their brains out and daily help rare disease patients to fight for another day because they are in the ring together, in it to win.

TeenSafe: Eliminating the Nightmare of Social Media Insecurity for Kids

Parents for parents have created TeenSafe. It provides a platform for the security of kids in families. In recent news, TeenSafe has featured in The Guardian. TeenSafe is an app and a service of its kind. It featured in news on how to control the child on the use of social media. It was after a note written by a concerned mother of a teenage son aged 14. She had been blocked from accessing his online accounts leave alone Gmail and Instagram. A few highlights that TeenSafe brings out are as follows.


There is no age restriction or rather limitations when it comes to registering a new social media account. It is possible to set up some fake accounts. Most of the social media apps require a minimum age of thirteen however even younger kids become victims because the restrictions are never serious. Some of the vices that come up are bullying, sexting, harassment, and in bigger extents the adult predators. Another concern of the owner of the phone. The control of a device solely depends on the real owner of the device. The reason behind installing the apps like TeenSafe is that in case of anything happening towards the teenager, both parties will be legally responsible. In most cases, the parents are the ones who buy the devices and actually pay for the connections in homes, but that does not guarantee them the control over the devices. That is why some may lack the parental mandate over the phones. The good news is that TeenSafe app can be installed before the new device is handed to them.


Above everything, according to TeenSafe, it is safer to create awareness for your kids on the matters of online safety on a regular basis. A parent needs to learn how to use the TeenSafe app. This will enable them to teach the children on how to access internet without becoming victims of the mentioned vices in the online world. TeenSafe is a valuable service meant for the safety of the teenagers. It helps the parents create the right environment for their children without falling into the hands of the prey in the online sector.


Christopher Linkas: Your Next Financial and Investment Advisor

Christopher Linkas is a financial expert who has been in this field for more than twenty-five years. He brings on table financial advice backed up with great success in the past and knowledge. Christopher has worked with most successful and renowned companies, which has been the source of his great wealth of knowledge regarding the issues that he discusses. One may wonder how he rose to such a self-established position. Christopher Linkas is open to sharing out that it took his passion that he developed while in college. Christopher is currently working at a UK-based Investment Group as the European head of credit. Christopher ventured into the world of finance right after college. He worked in positions such as asset manager and analyst. He grew his name in the investing and financial world gradually. He has worked with companies such as Goldman Sachs and many others. Whenever his service was rendered, a lot of positive impact and success was experienced. The subsequent success such as at Goldman Sachs led to so many other opportunities opening up right before him.


Christopher Linkas does no withhold the information and knowledge to himself but shares it widely through various platforms. His desire is to see people and more so his clients achieve much growth and success in investing and financial world. He encourages young people to take charge over their finances and learn how to give right priorities when it comes to finances. Christopher Linkas has helped many recover their failures in finances and achieve turn around in their finances management. He focuses on smile approaches like budgeting planned investing, and proper spending.


Christopher Linkas equally gives insights regarding investing in the commercial real estate. First, commercial real estate exclusively refers to property that has been set aside for business that can be leased out to give workspace. It includes retailers of all nature such as hotels, restaurants, office space, convenience stores, and malls among others. The role of commercial real estate companies is to offer advice on the best way to conduct lease agreements that bring tenants closer as well as provide them with a useful service. These are some of the issues that Christopher sheds light on.


Dr. Dov Rand: A Unique Treatment Approach in Aging Medicine Ingrained In His Methodology

There are many doctors practicing today that might not be able to offer the most ethical and ideal level of quality in their practice. Most of these doctors have an incentive to overprescribe medications just to get more money. Most of these doctors are partial to hiding the delayed costs of their interventions. However, there are also doctors like Dr. Dov Rand who are doing their best in defending the impeccable reputation of the art of medicine.


The reputation of Dr. Dov Rand is in the field of anti-aging, and to delaying all the symptoms of the aging process that limits the enjoyment of people of their lives. It is also the passion of Dr. Dov Rand to make miracles happen in the field of aging research and treatment. What also makes Dr. Rand’s interventions special is that he makes the most personalized therapies for his patients. He is also a firm believer, too, of the importance of preventing the diseases from happening first before they develop, making the treatment even more secure and useful.


In an article from Dial Dish, people can also learn some of the medical methods that Dr. Rand is known for today. For instance: his work for bad hormones has led him to be considered to be a master of cortisol and insulin research. His methods conform to the idea that aging will increase the production of cortisol, which is a stress hormone, and also insulin, which is the one responsible for fat storage. When these hormones are addressed and controlled, there’s a higher chance of preventing diseases from developing.


Many of the satisfied patients od Dr. Rand also recommend his methods to other people. With Dr. Rand’s expertise, too, in erectile dysfunction and damage from heavy metal toxicity, there’s still a bright chance for his medical practice to find an even brighter future. His focus and understanding in the idea that lifestyle plays an important role in worsening or lessening of aging symptoms is also seen by many as a remarkable and distinguished strategy. The integrative approach that’s also ingrained in the treatment and therapy process of Dr. Rand also puts value on the psychological costs and effects of suffering from aging symptoms.


Jeff Aronin Provides Innovative Care To Patients

Jeff Aronin discovered his passion for innovative healthcare early in his career when he shadowed a physician who treated a child who suffered from seizures. Faced with the decision to either perform a complicated brain operation or to address it through medications first and to save the surgery if the treatment is unsuccessful, the physician opted for the medicine. Not only did this medication make the surgery unnecessary, but it also improved the child’s condition. This experience with the physician inspired Aronin to become an entrepreneur in the biopharmaceutical industry.


With a Bachelor’s Degree from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois and a Master of Business Administration from DePaul University in Chicago Illinois, Jeff Aronin has earned a reputation as one of the top founders in the field of health and biotech industry with over 20 years of experience in healthcare innovation. Feeling that he can do more for patients with complicated, neglected and unmet medical needs, he started the pharmaceutical company Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000 where he also served as the CEO. This company, with its focus on the patients’ needs, brought new innovative treatments through drug development and submitting it for approval by the Food and Drug Administration. In 2009, Lundbeck, a Danish pharmaceutical company, bought Ovation Pharmaceuticals for $900 million while keeping Aronin as the CEO until 2010.


In 2010 Jeff Aronin, continuing to work in the pharmaceutical industry with his passion for science and healthcare, became the Chairman and CEO of the innovative biotech company Paragon Biosciences. This company, comprised of top-notch talent, provides new medications to the pharmaceutical market while focusing on cutting-edge science, the unmet medical needs of patients, and creating a community of entrepreneurs with a common goal. The management and leadership team of Paragon Biosciences brought essential medicines to the market and secured 13 approvals from the Food and Drug Administration through using their enterprising skills.


Meet Jeffrey Aronin Who Has Saved Lives And Given Hope To Many

You can never know the importance of having qualified practitioners like Jeffrey Aronin if you have not severely suffered from a disease that other doctors can’t treat appropriately. But someone like Desiree Lyon understands better what it means to have a caring person who saved her life and helped her in diagnosing a rare condition she was suffering from.

Desiree Lyon has spent most of her life from in and out of the hospital from her rare diseases which were a great barrier to her joy. As a matter of fact, the severity of the disease took her to the verge of death. Lyon remembers Porphyria was causing deep abdominal pains. She had more than 100 attacks, more than 30 times in ICU with several paralyzes until she met Jeffrey Aronin who came for her aid.

Porphyria is a hereditary disease which is a big mystery to many doctors because of its unpredictable cycles of attack. Lyon started suffering from the disease when she was 18 years and her type was very acute which could result in a damage of the nervous system which can lead to coma or paralysis.

For over 10 years, Lyon struggling with Porphyria and no doctor understood her case. Sometimes she would be misdiagnosed and given medications that would not treat her case. But thanks to the man who opened a new door for her and other patients of Porphyria, Jeffrey Aronin. She is now a crusader for the victims of the same disease.

Jeffrey Aronin showed her care that she needed without focusing on the monetary reward. Lyon had co-founded American Porphyria Foundation (APF) where she was serving as the Executive Director. The aim of the foundation was to ensure that no was untreated, misdiagnosed or undiagnosed again of this disease. When she partnered with Jeffrey Aronin’s Ovation Pharmaceuticals, the vision of her foundation was properly established.

Panhematin made by Abbott Laboratories was treating the Porphyria but FDA stopped its production until APF had met some standards. This made Lyon become desperate to see the restoration of the drug and in her many endeavors, she met with Jeffrey Aronin who agreed to take the drug. He educated doctors and did more research until the hope was rekindled.

Jeffrey Aronin later sold Ovation and got Paragon Biosciences to cater for the patients better. Panhematin is now acquired by Recordati Rare Diseases Inc. and is now readily available.



How Perry Mandera Helps Chicago Youth

Perry Mandera with Custom Cares Charities has done a lot for the Chicago youth. Every year during the holiday season, Mandera provides families with money, so that they can have food and presents during the holiday. Mandera helps many families with his donations going into the thousands. He also helps provide financial, educational support, for many youths in the Chicago area. He also helps with a variety of different sports teams in the area.


Mandera is a well-known sports fan and he likes to have an active role in the sporting world. He has helped coach teams in football, basketball, and baseball. Mandera has supported many different sports teams by helping to fund them and making a financial contribution himself. He has also supported two Olympic boxing contenders. Perry Mandera works hard to ensure that the youth of today has something to do with sports.


Mandera is also well known to help out in instances of natural disaster. For instance, when Hurricane Katrina hit, he had his company take down supplies for as many people as possible in both Louisiana and New Orleans. These deliveries helped people to get food, water, and supplies when they might not have gotten any help.


Perry Mandera got his start in 1986, when he founded The Custom Companies. Custom Companies has grown and has thousands of customers all over the United States. The company is a well-known provider of jobs at its headquarters, which is located in Northlake, Illinois and employees other people at other locations across the United States. Custom Companies offers full-service transportation, including truckload services, domestic and international air freight, and so much more.


Perry Mandera will continue to help the youth and those who are struggling in and around the Chicago area. Many people have been on the receiving end of his generosity, and are amazed at how generous he is.