What The Civic Organization Avaaz Does To Make The World Better

Avaaz is a New York City-based civics organization. They promote global activism and have members from most nations around the world. This organization’s name was chosen because in a number of Asian and Middle Eastern languages is means “voice”. Their mission boils down to organizing their members to amplify their voices and move the world closer to the one that most people want to have.People from every walk of life are members of Avaaz. The types of issues they address are local, regional, national, and global in nature. What they address varies from poverty to climate change to animal rights.

While the voices of a few people can be easily disregarded by those in power it is much more challenging to ignore the voices of thousands or more people, after all.Most of what Avaaz does takes place online. They email petitions and other messages to their members. People can sign off on the petitions that they want to be a part of. There are also efforts to get people to contact their elected government officials in order to voice their opinions on a subject. Avaaz also provides the funding for media campaigns and encourage people to take direct action.

Additionally, they sometimes help people organize what they call an “offline” protest when that is called for.One campaign that Avaaz is currently engaged in is sending an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive officer of Facebook. This open letter, which people can sign on the Avaaz website, is asking Mark Zuckerberg to follow through on some things in regards to selling people’s private information. Among these is to finally tell the truth to people about all of the fake users on his website and the disinformation campaigns that occur there on a regular basis.

Mike Baur Shares Expert Tips

People in the business world are probably very familiar with Mike Baur. Baur is a very successful entrepreneur and Swiss businessman. He is also the founder of Swiss Startup Factory. This entrepreneur also has vast experience in the banking industry. However, he left the lucrative banking world to start his own very successful enterprise, the Swiss Startup Factory. Recently, this entrepreneur, shared some of his success tips. These are tips that are important for any entrepreneur that is trying to achieve success with their own startup enterprise.


Getting Inspired

Entrepreneur, Mike Baur related to a media source about coming up with a brilliant idea. Generally, most text books state that you have to start with a good idea, to build a successful business. Mike Baur shared that it’s a bad idea to just sit down and try to discover some fresh new idea. Generally, those good ideas are delivered to you out of the blue. For example, you need a product. A light bulb goes on because you realize that the product does not exist yet. Next, inspiration kicks in and you start to focus on a way to bring that product to the market.


Putting Inspiration In Motion

Mike Baur also shared that inspiration and getting the idea is only the first step in the entire process. Next, you need a way to get the ball rolling in the right direction and reach people. Today, thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than you might think. Get started by building a website and testing your idea or product online. The fact is that you don’t need a lot of money to test your idea. There are free websites and sources online to get the word out about your inspiration.


Qualities Needed For Success

Mike Baur has some success tips for startups. He believes that the qualities needed for a successful startup are trusting in your idea, fearless attitude, strong work ethic, belief, and the ability to break a rule, if required.


Share Ideas

Mike Baur also believes that the entrepreneur should never be too secretive. Share your ideas with others in the business world. They will give you advice and you will see your idea from another’s prospective. Clearly, networking in the business world is vital to success.


These are just a few of Mike Bauer’s success tips for today’s entrepreneurs, which are certainly very worthwhile for the modern online business world. These tips have led the successful Swiss businessman to his own success.


Why Saad Saad Chose Medicine

Saad Saad is a medical doctor who is passionate about saving the lives of little children. The businessman is based in the US, and he has made an impact in the lives of children from all over the world. Saad Saad has managed to carry out numerous complex surgeries in the course of his successful career, and he has emerged as one of the top medical practitioners living in the world. After working in this field for the last forty seven years, Saad Saad appreciates the value of life, and he has also acquired so much experience. The doctor has also conducted so many missions in various parts of Jerusalem where he conducted complex surgeries on children who are born in needy families. According to the surgeon, all children in the world deserve good health, regardless of their family background.


Saad has a great family too. When he got an opportunity to come to the United States several years ago, he decided to start a family. Together with his wife, Saad has four children who are doing well in various careers. Two of the children have followed their father’s footsteps, and they are surgeons in prestigious hospitals. One of the children is a doctor and the other serves as a nurse in the ICU. The family resides in the United States where their father is based.


In a recent interview, Saad Saad disclosed that he chose to start a career in medicine several years ago. When he was young, the doctor wanted to become a top engineer in the society. When he was in school in Kuwait, Saad watched how other engineers in the society had tough time working in the sun. Kuwait has very hot seasons, and it can be tough to work in the hot temperatures. His brothers were engineers too, and he did not want to be like them. The hardships in the profession motivated him to work hard for a career in medicine where he would work indoors and if possible with air conditioning. The doctor worked so hard because he knew that his family in Kuwait lacked enough money, and this is why he performed so well in medical schools. Saad was second in class by the time he was graduating with honors. His family was quite poor, and he knew that if he wasted the opportunity to study, getting another chance in life would be difficult.


When Saad came to practice his career in the United States, he did not know how the future was going to be. His passion and hard work, however, assisted him to pass numerous tests, and he landed a working position in several leading hospitals. His expertise in medicine has assisted so many in the world. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087

The Success of Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Impacting the medical world in many ways, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been making his presence felt for quite some time. A board-certified plastic surgeon, Jejurikar has become well respected for his work in the area of plastic surgery. A member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, Dr. Jejurikar has become an expert working on a number of areas of the human body including the eyes, nose, face and breast. Jejurikar is focused on helping patients meeting their goals, and allows their needs to be the drive behind his work.


A graduate of the University of Michigan, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has build a reputation for being dedicated to providing the most up to date and innovative services to his patients. Dr. Jejurikar understands that each patient is unique and caters his practice to meeting each patients individual needs. He has an incredible passion for what he does that helps him find a variety of solutions, including surgical, for his patients.


Dr. Jejurikar’s success has allowed him to help others and give back in an incredible way. Throughout his career he has worked with a number of missions. This includes yearly trip to children in Bangladesh. Working with the group Smile Bangladesh, Jejurikar is committed to helping to meet the needs of hungry children. In addition to Smile Bangladesh, Jejurikar works with a number of other groups in an effort to give back to the community in Dallas and across the world.


Excelling in a number of areas including breast augmentation, liposuction and facelifts, Dr. Jejurikar continues to have a thriving practice. With his history of success and an incredible passion, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar appears destined to have many more years of success in his career.


Betsy DeVos a political fighter and education reformist

Betsy Devos has been in the limelight when it comes to education reforms and policies. Recently a federal policy was passed that allowed transgender students to use the bathrooms at school that was compatible with their identities. Betsy DeVos was not on the same page with President Donald Trump on this. Furthermore, she did not make it so evident that she had resisted this move and was present during the announcement of the new policy. Speaking at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, she stated that the systems previously in place only adds to the long list of former President Obama’s administration overreach. However most of the people who know Ms. DeVos will tell you that this was not over yet, not by a long shot. She has been a champion not only for charter schools but also school vouchers for an extended period. Also, she is the former chairwoman of Michigan Republican Party. She has made a reputation for herself as being unstoppable in getting what she wants. She would use everything at her disposal including her family resources. Her allies were rewarded, and her enemies were punished, she passed bills and made sure the lawmakers that opposed her were unseated. Mike Cox who is a former attorney general stated that Betsy DeVos is determined once her mind is set on a goal. She was one to be feared in Michigan politics. The issue of the access of bathrooms by transgender students got her at a disadvantage given she was up against attorney general Jeff Sessions. He has a lot of ties and networks in Washington and has the President’s ear. All those watching, however, know she will eventually find her ways, she always does. Randi Weingarten who is a strong supporter of Democrats and the president of the American Federation of Teachers states that it would be unwise to underestimate her. Betsy DeVos often worked at her father’s auto parts company. Edgar D. Prince, Betsy DeVos’s father, is also a significant supporter of Christian conservative causes. Erik D. Prince is her brother, and he is the founder and chief executive of Blackwater. Blackwater is a privately owned security firm operating in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dick DeVos is her husband and comes from a wealthy background. Many have noted that Betsy DeVos lacks the personal experience of public schools and colleges. Opponents state that neither she nor her husband and children ever attended public school. She is responsible for the diversion of tax dollars from traditional public schools to charter schools. The charter schools depend on federal money, but they are managed by private groups. Also, Ms. DeVos attempted to find public funds for vouchers that will be used to pay for tuition at private schools which included religious schools. Critics state that the charter schools only undermine traditional public schools while the admirers say that the charter schools bring competition to public schools and enables children from poor backgrounds to access better education. Detroit has a vast number of charter schools which are not performing well, and the supply is more than the demand. The whole situation has been termed as chaotic, the status of public schools in Detroit have been deteriorating. Owing to this situation, Detroit officials made a move to close failing charter schools and permit new ones. They were in for a shock as Ms. DeVos formed a group called Great Lakes Education Project that fought against the reforms and won. Besty DeVos is of the opinion that public schools should entirely be done away with. She visited a public school in Washington, and she noted that teachers did not take the initiative but rather were waiting to be told what should be one. Greg McNeilly operates in Michigan and is a strong supporter of Republicans stated that Ms. DeVos understood what many did not-that the public schools are not performing as well as other public schools in developed countries as measured by student scores. Although she has had a rocky start with a lot of public ridicule and criticism, she has remained undeterred from her course. Ms. DeVos was confirmed by the Senate 51-50 where Vice President Mike Pence cast his vote to break the tie. She called the leaders of the two principal teacher’s union Ms. Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia. According to Mr. McNeilly, this was a smart move as it was the first act she did in office as the secretary.


Visit http://www.betsydevos.com/ to learn more.

How Securus Technologies Plan to Curtail Illegal Cell Phone Use

Anyone who has worked in corrections can attest to just how stressful that work environment can be, whether that means dealing with unruly inmates, monitoring, or seizing illegal contraband, a career in corrections is challenging. In recent years, cell phones use among inmates has become a topic of concern for many correctional facilities, especially since many inmates have used these phones to carry out crimes from behind bars. A huge proponent of curtailing cell phone use among inmates is ex-corrections officer Robert Johnson, who spent 15-years with the Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. While with the Correctional Institution, Johnson was tasked with confiscating contraband that made it into the facility.


According to a nbcmiami.com article, Johnson seized a package that was reportedly valued at $50,000 dollars. An inmate who gained access to an illegal cell phone orchestrated the plan, which ultimately led to the package being brought into the facility. Once the package was seized, the same inmate used their cell phone to exact retaliation on Johnson, which led to the correction officer being shot in his own home. Of course, this is only one example of crimes being orchestrated by inmates with cell phones; in a separate incident, an inmate used a cell phone to plan a crime that resulted in the death of a nine-month-old baby.


These crimes, which are being initiated from behind bars, have grown to epidemic proportions. In fact, they have now garnered the attention of Securus Technologies, a purveyor of civil and criminal justice technology solutions. The Dallas-based company, which has built a reputation for providing best in class safety to corrections personnel and inmates, has announced plans to help stymie the incidence of crimes perpetrated by inmates. The company, which is collaborating with the FCC, has introduced a Wireless Containment System that impedes an inmate’s ability to make certain cell phone calls. Why is the FCC involved? Well, federal law precludes anyone from arbitrarily blocking cell phone signals. The Wireless Containment System introduced by Securus Technologies ensures that prisons can put an end to illegal calls while still complying with federal regulations.


Securus Technologies have prided themselves on their ability to adapt to changes in the corrections industry. This is especially true, as they work to take on new challenges like cell phone use in U.S. prisons. Securus Technologies constantly makes investments in security and safety, as well as protocols that benefit the facilities that they serve. In fact, the company’s investment expenditures total $600 million annually.


Jeunesse Global: an Innovative Leader in Beauty and Health

Jeunesse Global is an innovative company interested in redefining the concept of youth through their novel products and revolutionary ideas in the beauty field. Their primary mission is to change people’s lives in a positive manner with state-of-the-art product lines that will not only give customers a fresh, youthful appearance, but also make Jeunesse Global stand out as a recognizable household brand. The company was fathomed by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis who came out of retirement in 2009 to start this brand in order to reach out to the young people who desire such products to improve the longevity of their appearance.

Jeunesse Global offers a wide spectrum of products to choose from, each with their own unique features and functions. Their Instantly Ageless line is among the most popular products offered by Jeunesse Global with an incredibly rapid acting time of two minutes. These products are geared towards individuals who wish to remove the tired expressions from their faces, such as under-eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles, and pores, and can last upwards of nine hours.

For those looking to return that youthful vitality to their countenance, the Luminesce anti-aging skin care line is an attractive option. Its main function is to restore vitality and natural radiance to the skin by removing undesirable wrinkles and fine lines and bringing about that inner glow that everyone’s skin harbors.

Another product which may attract the prospective customer interested in health is the AM Essentials line, which is a daytime formula consisting of essential vitamins and minerals that not only have the function of restoring that youthful vitality by means of beneficial interactions, but also promotes a healthy lifestyle and well-being by providing essential elements that are often missing from our daily diets. The Reserve line is another health supplement containing a blend of superfruits, an incredible antioxidant powerhouse for those seeking to extend the longevity of their beautiful lives.

In addition to anti-aging products and health supplements, Jeunesse Global also hosts many other beauty products, such as the NV line which includes primer, foundation, and bronzer for a natural airbrush look.

Dick DeVos And The Steady Rise Of Michigan

For decades, Dick DeVos has been hard at work putting the right pieces together for his hometown. Even back in 1991, DeVos was molding the future of Grand Rapids, Michigan. At the time, plans were underway to build a sports and convention arena north of downtown. DeVos lobbied against the plan due to fear of past consequences. In Detroit, the Pontiac Silverdome served as the home of the Detroit Lions. The Palace of Auburn Hills hosted home games for the Detroit Pistons. When both teams decided to go with new stadiums, the older venues became less appealing and generated significantly less money.


Through his lobbying, the Grand Action group was formed. The group pushed forward on construction of Van Andel Arena. They also played a crucial role in the construction of the DeVos Convention Center as well as the DeVos Performance Hall. The Grand Rapids City Market was also formed along with the Michigan State University’s medical school.


Back in Sept. 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao announced that DeVos is one of seven new members of the top civilian panel, which oversees the Federal Aviation Administration. DeVos’ experience and track record earned him the honor.


In 1993, DeVos became the CEO of Amway. His father, Richard DeVos founded the company along with the late Jay Van Andel. Dick DeVos held the position until 2002. At the time of his departure, sales of the company increased by 50 percent.


DeVos’ dedication to the state of Michigan also reaches schools. In 2010, DeVos started a public charter school after some positive words from his wife Betsy DeVos. It’s called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school didn’t have an ideal start. At first, it was located inside a small office space at General R. Ford International Airport. There were just 80 students.


Now, the West Michigan Aviation Academy has its own building with 600 students. The students come from seven countries. Throughout 2014, Dick and Betsy put $7 million into the school. As is the case with other Michigan charter schools or even traditional public schools, the West Michigan Aviation Academy is tuition-free. Learn more: http://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/richard-dick-devos-jr/

Discovering Fabletics Through Digital

Fabletics is out shining the competition like Amazon by giving customers more of a personal experience. No one can deny that Kate Hudson has a huge hand in the development of the clothes for Fabletics. This is an awesome thing for someone that has become well known in the entertainment industry.


Now she is putting a great focus on Fabletics and retail clothing. Consumers are impressed with the effort that she has put forth. She has brought forth the stylish brand of clothing, and people are totally engaged in what she is doing. Kate Hudson has become the person that has really changed the perspective of consumers that may have thought that all athletic clothing was the same. This is where she has risen to the occasion and made people think differently.


Since Fabletics has come into existence it has been the brand that has branched out and continued to serve as an innovative clothing retailer that does not look like anything else that is out there. Kate Hudson recently engaged in bringing athletic footwear to the market. This was something that many other clothing retailers have not done. Kate Hudson also teamed up with Demi Lovato for a limited edition of Fabletics garments. This is also something that was new and innovative.


What Kate Hudson has realized better than anything else is how to keep the buzz going about the brand that she has created. So much of her time has been put into creating a company that is helping people change the way that they look at working out. The fact that she has created so many garments that are easily recognized as fashionable makes people get excited about working out. People that have been wearing the same drap workout clothes to the gym are now excited because they have a wardrobe that is stylish and praised by supermodels like Christy Teigen.


This says a lot about Fabletics in the way that this company has managed to rise to the top. It is not the typical athletic clothing company because it initially started as a brand that was promoted to women. As time went on Fabletics expanded with FL2 and this is the division that carries clothes for men.


There are all types of ways to lure customers, but it is clear that Kate Hudson has continued to lure customers to Fabletics with her innovative streak. She has continued to deliver new garments through the Fabletics website every week. This seems like an impossible task for some retailers, but somehow Kate Hudson has managed to pull this off. This alone maybe enough to generate weekly buzz about new clothes from Fabletics. She hopes that this is the case because she knows that word of mouth has a lot to do with the success of Fabletics.


It is true that there are television commercials for this brand, but Kate does not really rely on those commercials. She knows that the majority of people discover Fabletics through the online store.

Louis Chenevert Made an Impact at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a leader who is able to look at the long and short term picture. He understands that it is important to invest in the future and build creativity within his company. Louis became the CEO of United Technologies Corporation and immediately proceeded to make an impact on the way business was conducted. He encouraged his creative minds to express new ideas and made sure that his team members knew he was available to listen. UTC remained on the cutting edge of the technology industry during Chenevert’s time as CEO. The company dedicated itself to making a positive difference on the American economy by looking to create jobs.

Technology is very fluid and there is always a great idea around the corner. Consumers are more sophisticated than they ever were. Chenevert planned to meet this demand by hiring up to 25,000 employees over a three-year period in just the United States. This was a way of proving that UTC is dedicated to supporting creativity. The commitment set an example that resonated throughout the company.

A parent organization has a direct effect on its subsidiary brands. Chenevert knew that the business relationships with associates must remain pleasant and workable. UTC spent 40 million dollars on its suppliers over a three-year span. The idea was to ensure that UTC’s support networks had the resources to produce the level of quality that was expected.

Technology is a result of the creative minds that inspire the concepts. Louis Chenevert and UTC encourages internal innovation. The company offers a scholarship program that allows employees to attend school and study a field of their choice. The company pays for the education no matter what the specialty is.

Louis Chenevert is from Quebec, Canada. He attended HEC Montreal where he majored in business at the achieved a bachelor’s degree. HEC Montreal is the business school of the University of Montreal. Chenevert went into the business world where he had success at General Motors for 14 years. He spent six years at Pratt & Whitney before moving on to become CEO of United Technologies Corporation. He is currently retired.